The Element of Surprise: A Smooth Prize Draw

by ticketprinting on April 27, 2012

Simplify Raffle Ticket Sales

When you plan a prize draw, the outcome should be a surprise. Your supporters are expecting one, and that’s part of the fun: hoping to win but not knowing what who will take home the new motorcycle, the new TV, the tray of meat. But for you, the fundraiser and organiser, surprises at any point of the process preceding the draw are not what you want.

Unhappy Surprises in Raffle Planning:

  • Purchasing Raffle Tickets that arrive late or not at all. The remedy? Order your tickets from a trusted source, choosing a company that’s been in the online printing business since the early days of ecommerce and guarantees satisfaction on every order.
  • Dissatisfaction with your tickets. The remedy? Read the seller’s website carefully so that you know what you’re ordering, and make sure that you choose a site that generates a free ticket proof. No company should print or ship your Raffle Tickets before asking you to approve the proof.
  • Running out of Raffle Tickets. The remedy? Do a little footwork prior to ordering. If you have sold tickets in the past, look at the data to help make your estimate. Query a sample of potential supporters regarding their interest in your prizes and their likelihood of spending a certain amount of money on tickets. If interest is high, up your numbers!
  • Selling fewer tickets than you need to support the draw.The remedy? A combination of pre-kickoff research and hard work during the selling period. Not only do you need to determine how popular your prizes are, you need to find out if people are willing to support you. Make sure your organisation is invested in moving those tickets before you order. Then, keep encouraging the sales crew to expand their reach while the office staff keeps advertising wherever possible. If interest is low before you order tickets, consider that now may not be the best time for this fundraiser.
  • Volunteer burnout. The remedy? If you depend on volunteers to make your fundraiser a success, appreciate your volunteers. Depending on your crew, this might involve regular meetings or friendly informal contact. Prizes for the top salespeople are good motivators. Others will work harder for a line of recognition in a newsletter, coffee and doughnuts on Friday mornings, or a pizza party at the end of the sales period. Know your team and work with their desires.
  • Prize problems.The remedy? Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t offer prizes unless you’re certain you can deliver, and check to ensure the prizes you have in hand are precisely what you’re advertising. Double check everything.

While you can’t eliminate every surprise, staying on top of the situation can help your prize draw go a lot more smoothly. You want to sell raffle tickets and make money, not tear your hair our over a series of preventable mistakes!

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