How to Keep Your Community Raffle Successful

by ticketprinting on July 9, 2013

The Rotary Club of Rossmoyne Hosts 2013 Community Raffle

Organising a raffle can be a real challenge. At times, it can even be downright frustrating. No matter how big or small your charitable organisation is, you’re likely to run into some issues along the way when hosting a raffle. Sometimes, overcoming those challenges can be part of the excitement. But, above all, educating yourself on what it takes to hold a successful raffle will help you immensely in the end.

Take the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne for example. This Western Australian charitable organisation holds an annual fundraising raffle to raise money for the community and other charitable projects they take on.

But just because they’ve done it before, doesn’t make this year’s raffle any easier. “Changes to laws have made conducting a raffle very difficult,” the Club states on their website.

How to Keep Your Raffle Legal

Clearly, the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne has done their raffle homework. While Australian raffle law can be confusing, it’s certainly not impossible to understand. On their website, the Rossmoyne Club mentions they have “developed a strategy which meets all the necessary legal requirements” for their community raffle.

If you’re looking to keep your own raffle on the right ride of the law, it’s best to check with your specific local Australian Gaming and Gambling Authorities.

Each territory and state in Australia has their own unique guidelines and rules when it comes to hosting a raffle legally.

Take a Tip from Rossmoyne

Since you already know the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne has managed to organise a legal raffle, why not take a look at how they’ve done it, so you know what can be done legally?

One of the most important aspects of their raffle and how it’s organised is their complete honesty about where the proceeds from the raffle ticket sales will go. Not only do they explain where every dollar they raise will go, they also explain what their organisation plans to do with it once they get it.

The Club has several major projects that they contribute to, as well as other community-valued initiatives, like Sustainable Cambodia Australia. People appreciate honesty. Being up front about exactly where the money will go when someone buys a raffle ticket is almost guaranteed to help you sell more tickets.

To avoid having to use a large part of your funds raised from the raffle for things like printing services, find a high-quality, low cost raffle ticket printing service.

That way, you can use the money you raised for community projects that truly need your help.


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