How to Host a “Monster Fundraiser”

by ticketprinting on June 5, 2013

Victoria Branch of Scouts Australia Hosts Monster Scout Raffle 2013

An undeniably positive social movement, Scouting has helped to shape the development of children and young adults for no less than a century. Scouts Australia is the most successful youth organisation in the country, and the Victoria branch boasts more than 20,000 participating kids from a variety of different cultural backgrounds.

To assist the Scout Groups with raising money for their organisation, the Victoria Branch recently held the 2013 Monster Scout Raffle. The lucky prize winners were announced only a few days ago, and it seems like this is one raffle that really had its act together.

A Monster Way to Contribute

Any fundraiser knows that the validity of their cause will go a long way to encourage donors to contribute their money, no matter what the possible payoff is. While the prizes for the Monster Scout Raffle were absolutely enticing, the charitable cause behind the raffle tickets is likely one of the strongest reasons this raffle was successful.

Not only were Scouts raising money for their organisation by selling raffle tickets, they were also promoting Scouting to the general public and spreading the word about the importance of their social cause.

The Scouts also recruited new members by requesting additional information from raffle ticket buyers, and worked at developing relationships with sponsors, all while learning more about the value of money and working toward fundraising goals.

Jaw-Dropping Prizes

One of the best ways to get people more excited about your raffle is to advertise your prizes. The Monster Scout Raffle didn’t have merely a few great prizes. Ticket buyers had the chance to win one of eight incredible prizes, all valued at over $900.

  • 8th Prize – Primus Transit 50 litre portable fridge
  • 7th Prize – 2 mountain bikes ($1000 value)
  • 6th Prize – 2 high-end mountain bikes ($1,500 value)
  • 5th Prize – 2 Companion EXO Pro Tents
  • 4th Prize – $3000-worth of adventure and travel wear
  • 3rd Prize – $5000 gift card for IGA
  • 2nd Prize – Trekmaster Camper Trailer with Sunroom
  • Grand Prize – Toyota Prius C Hybrid – over $28,000 value!

Perhaps the two most important things you can do to host a monster raffle like the Scouts did is to make sure the cause you support is valuable in the eyes of the public, and take care to have some great prizes.


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