Putting Your Best Foot Forward: The 2013 Hawthorne Football Club Raffle

by ticketprinting on August 13, 2013

How the Hawks Raise Money with Their Annual Raffle

The Hawthorne Football Club, affectionately called the ‘Hawks’ by many fans, is a popular Australian rules football club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Founded back in the year 1902, this club is the most successful non-foundation club with respect to how many premierships they’ve won over the years. The team is easy to spot on the field with the gold and brown striped Guernseys they wear during their games.

With such a loyal fan base as the Hawks have, this year (as in years past) they’ve decided to give back. The 2013 Hawthorne Football Club’s annual raffle gives all Hawks club members and supporters the opportunity to win one of five incredible prizes.

What’s more, there’s even an Early Bird Draw special! Return your raffle tickets or purchase online by 1 August to be entered to win a table for 10 at the Hawthorne’s Best and Fairest, Peter Crimmins Medal night.

Plentiful Prizes   

Here’s a tip on how to successfully promote your raffle: advertise those fabulous prizes! The Hawks have done just that, and to be quite honest, they’ve done it well.

First up on the list of Hawks’ raffle’s five coveted prizes is the Mercedes-Benz B180 BlueEFFICIENCY. Anyone who pictures themselves driving away in one of these hot luxury vehicles is sure to buy at least one raffle ticket!

Next up is a brand new Samsung TV and home theatre system, followed by seven cases of Ninth Island wine, a Travel Club Getaways gift certificate for $1000, and last, but not least, the 5th prize is a signed and framed Guernsey, yours to keep from the Hawks themselves.

Scrutinize Your Set-Up

If you take a gander at the way the Hawks have set up the raffle page on their website, you’ll see that not only is there a convenient button available for the easy purchase of raffle tickets with little more than a click of your mouse, but in addition to that, the terms and conditions are all listed neatly for the buyer’s perusal, just below the link to buy tickets.

In 2013, this is the best way you can set up any raffle for success.

Australian Raffle Law can sometimes be a bit confusing, so it’s best to make sure you inform your ticket buyers of all the necessary information up front, and that way you can worry more about selling tickets than covering your bases.


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