What about the Children?

by ticketprinting on April 1, 2011

Printing Raffle Tickets for Educational Fundraising

If your local schools could use some extra funding, you know that it’s time to mobilize the youth army: prepare those kids to go out and bring in the cash that keeps their school great. And while selling cookies, candies, and other items can be a great draw, a large percentage of your profits will actually go toward paying the companies that provide those items.

A better solution? Organise your own raffle with donated prizes and keep one hundred percent of the profits!

Start off on the right foot by asking around: what prizes would people most like to win? What prizes can you most easily get donated? Then, print your own raffle tickets online and start selling.


Motivate the kids with a second raffle, one only open to saleskids, where the tickets are free. The catch? You earn one raffle ticket per a certain amount of money raised. For instance, kids can earn one raffle ticket for each ten dollars they bring in. This method works better than rewarding the top sellers. Rather than having a few kids in competition for the prize, every child knows that he or she has the possibility of winning.

You can also increase your overall sales with special deals. Have your printed tickets stapled into booklets of ten and offer a discount to those who purchase an entire booklet. You’ll be amazed at how fast those booklets go. Another tactic is to offer a “free fill-in service” to those spending a certain amount of money. If supporters purchase, say, forty dollars’ worth of tickets, the kids will fill in their contact information on each ticket, to save them the effort. Those who care about the school will be easily persuaded to buy an extra booklet to earn that service.

With the proper prizes and a few hundred children determined to win the top prize (make sure it’s a good one) you’ll find that selling raffle tickets really is child’s play!

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