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by ticketprinting on July 10, 2012

Print High Quality Raffle Tickets to Raise Money for Your Cause

With the Australian Red Cross kicking off their national raffle this past week, Aussies are now deep in the throes of raffle season. This raffle is only one of many hosted by the Red Cross over the next year, and that’s only counting one charitable organisation. It’s the bloody oath that the Cross is amping up their fundraising efforts, so what are you doing to boost yours?

If you’re working for a good cause or on behalf of a charitable organisation, hosting a raffle may be one of the best ways (or only way!) available for you to raise funds. The expectation of success is always there, and the bar has been raised in hopes of donating more this year to your cause than ever before.

But in the current economy, people seem less and less willing to donate to your organisation, no matter how well-received you may be in the community.

That’s precisely why you need high quality raffle tickets available to print fast and at a very reasonable cost.

High Style at a Low Price

Get the most for your money when you pick your raffle tickets. You want something that speaks to everyone, yet is strange enough to stand out from a crowd of others.

Choose bright or bold colours that capture your donors’ attention and keep it, even at first glance of your ticket. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise on a budget, so make sure to print raffle tickets that make people want to show them to their neighbours.

And if colours aren’t enough, upload your own unique images. Upload anything you like, from your own company logo (no-brainer) to the logos of your biggest sponsors or donors.

Don’t Save the Best for Last

One of the best ways we’ve been told by our customers to sell a raffle ticket is to put the prizes up front and center. List them out in the open, first hand, where anyone who has an inkling to buy a raffle ticket will have to drool over the prizes first, making them even more likely to buy a ticket.

Upload pictures of your prizes right onto the raffle ticket for the best coverage. Potential ticket buyers literally won’t be able to ignore the prizes they can win when they’re printed in full color and looking them in the eye.

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