Safe and Sound

by ticketprinting on August 25, 2009

Print Raffle Tickets to Increase Security

What are the features of a secure Raffle Ticket?

  • Unique design: High-resolution printing with lovely, relevant images is harder to counterfeit than boring, generic tickets.
  • Sequential numbering: Secure, individual numbering on the body of the Raffle Ticket as well as the ticket stub helps prevent fraud.
  • Detachable stubs: Micro-perforations allow your staff to cleanly tear off the stub so patrons retain a portion of the ticket.
  • Bar coding: Bar codes and magnetic strips offer an extra level of protection for you and your prize draw.

These features should be standard whenever you print your own Raffle Tickets. Combined, they help to reduce fraud and enable you to catch anyone who attempts to interfere with the integrity of your raffle. Ace security helps you, your backers, and your customers feel safer. Raffles are about taking a chance, but your safety isn’t worth taking any risks!

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