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by ticketprinting on March 7, 2011

The Raffle Ticket Printing blog and Ticket River want to know about your raffles!

Are you planning a prize draw? Do you hold them regularly, or have you recently used our raffle tickets to host a small fundraiser with success? If so, then you and your organisation could be featured on this blog, complete with photos from your fun-filled event and lots of publicity for your group, plus extra incentives to help you make your next raffle an even bigger success!

Looking for advice from the experts? Soon, we’ll be featuring tricks of the trade from customers just like you who have found ways to earn more money with raffle fundraisers. We’ll learn what they did, how to achieve success, and what not to do in your pursuit of extra fundraising dollars. Learn from other’s mistakes along with their achievements, so you look like a seasoned professional whether you’ve run a hundred raffles or never picked up a single ticket booklet.

Have you recently completed (or are you currently engaged in running) a raffle, large or small? Would you like ot be featured on this blog? Leave us a note in comments telling us what made your prize draw so successful (or, if it was an abject failure, we’d love to hear about that and help make your next one much, much better) and we’ll be in touch. We’ll also be contacting new customers to learn how their fundraisers played out.

Nightclub Green Raffle Ticket

Ticket River and the Raffle Ticket Printing blog want to help make your next raffle the most successful your organisation has ever hosted. Starting soon, we’ll be offering even more help for fundraisers of all experience levels, so keep visiting this blog for details and more information on finding financial success.

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