A Year of Prizes Part III

by ticketprinting on April 30, 2011

The Big Classroom Raffle Prize Draw Celebration

In the last couple weeks, I’ve explained ways in which I use raffle tickets in my primary school classroom to reward positive behaviour and make learning fun. If you’ve run a short classroom raffle to improve behavior or reward students over a few weeks, this can be a fun fifteen minute activity at the end of the day. But if you’ve held out for an entire year, the big prize draw can be a rewarding part of your last day of school activities.

First, I make a big ceremony out of all the numbers. I’ve made a most careful count, which doesn’t surprise them by this point in the year. They’ve learned that I’m always playing with numbers, taking statistics, and generating graphs and charts, and it’s become a game they enjoy.

  • Total number of raffle tickets awarded throughout the year
  • Breakdown of raffle tickets awarded each month
  • Total number of raffle tickets awarded in each behaviour category
  • Highest number of tickets earned by an individual

There is usually some anticipation and perhaps a bit of cheering with some of the announcement. Often, I’m able to offer a small prize along with the recognition of the top earner. He or she always gets a printed certificate and some stickers, at the very least. I can also use the monthly (and sometimes weekly) breakdown as a way to recap the year, using the high numbers to recall how wonderfully they all worked in the weeks before the science fair, or how we solved the problems the influenced the month with the lowest number.

Then it’s on to the prize draw. Usually, I keep all my ticket stubs in a large glass jar on my desk. If possible, I get a real celebrity to draw the winner: the principal, if he’s available, or else the beloved lady from the front desk when he is otherwise occupied.

For the children, the great moment is at hand. They all shuffle through their pile of raffle tickets, for even though I’ve tracked all the information through the stubs, the rule that they must present the ticket to win encourages responsibility. They are on the edge of their seats.

I, on the other hand, am leaning back comfortably in my chair, satisfied at a year long lesson plan come to fruition.

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