World Cup Raffle!

by ticketprinting on June 11, 2010

In Humberside some lucky raffle ticket holder went home with a World Cup match ball after attending the North Cave Flower Festival. What a prize! You may not have access to the match ball, but if you want to capitalise on football fever, it’s not too late to print up some raffle tickets and start selling them for your prize draw.

Besides match balls, consider other inexpensive prizes such as:

  • Team tee shirts
  • England Team fan books
  • A selection of flags
  • Team pennants

Then, print out a run of raffle tickets and start selling! Be sure to make the rounds of all the pubs and parties where your community are likely to watch the games. If possible, bring some of the prizes with you so people can see what they may win. Come prepared to discuss your cause, explaining where the money will go and how purchasing a raffle ticket will contribute to charity.

Be prepared to wait for a commercial to make your pitch!

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