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by ticketprinting on August 9, 2010

Use Winter Themes to Sell Raffle Tickets 

With winter’s end approaching, your supporters’ thoughts may turn to fitting in one last schuss in whatever powder they can find, and you can capitalise on this love of downhill with a winter or ski-themed prize draw.

Nature Series Mountain Raffle

Consider the possibilities. Many prizes suggest themselves for such a raffle, and you can set it up as one draw with many prizes, or in tiers, with different ticket prizes depending on the value of the prizes.

Expensive Prizes

  • New skis
  • High quality anorak
  • Area lift pass with insurance
  • Resort hotel nights

Inexpensive Prizes

  • Knit Ski Hat
  • Gloves
  • Local lift pass
  • Hot cocoa mix

Of course, these are mere suggestions. If your prize draw is to be held amongst a gathering of skiers who have just come in from the slopes, they may be happy to win a mug of hot buttered rum or a hand-knit scarf. If you’ll be selling Raffle Tickets at home, you may wish to play up the exoticism of the big prizes, such as the trip to Thredbo.

Involving local merchants can give you the chance to expand the possibilities, particularly if you know of a shop that specializes in outdoor gear. Gift certificates to such businesses increase your reach, since your prizes can still reflect the interests of those who aren’t particularly interested in skiing.

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