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by ticketprinting on July 5, 2010

Increase Sales by Printing Quality Raffle Tickets Online

If you’ve gone to the bother of reviewing your donor list, making some personal calls to acquire remarkable prizes, and organising a big gathering for your prize draw, consider taking the step of printing your own full-colour Raffle Tickets online. The cost is not much more than that of boring, generic Raffle Tickets, and the return on your investment can be great. There is just something about colourful eye-catching tickets, and great looks translate into great sales.

If your organisation already has a colour scheme, you can match it for brand recognition. Or, if your prize draw is associated with a particular season, you can choose the proper colours: red and green for Christmas, pastel for Easter. Brightly-colour flowers work well for summertime draws.

Or, research colour psychology and choose a colour that will elicit the emotional response you wish to summon. Red equals excitement, passion, and danger, while blue is a halcyon colour of peace and contentment.

You can increase the excitement level by printing beautiful Raffle Tickets online, and you can increase your exposure by printing matching publicity for your prize draw at the same time. The more people who know about your fabulous prizes, the more Raffle Tickets you’re likely to sell. Choosing Posters and Flyers with the same design provides cohesion for the event and drums up more interest in the outcome.

Full colour, full bleed printing offers an advantage: it’s more noticeable and more desirable. Brighten up your upcoming prize draw! Print your own Raffle Tickets in a dazzling rainbow.

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