Let There Be Songs

by ticketprinting on March 26, 2011

Musical Raffle Tickets

It’s time to support the arts!

For the local symphony, independent musicians, or orchestras dedicated to classical music, making ends meet can be a struggle, and arts programs are often the first thing to go under the knife when money gets tight. When funding is cut, it’s up to private citizens to keep worthy programs running in the black. You don’t need to arrange an expensive black tie fundraiser (although it can’t hurt) to bring in some extra cash. In fact, you can make more money by seeking out more people to make smaller donations.

Potential donors are everywhere. Just go out and find them.

Where? In the park, at arts festivals, listening to buskers downtown. Wherever people congregate, you can build your funds.

How? By printing your own raffle tickets online, using an economical, music-themed raffle ticket template:

Symphony Raffle

This is just one example. You’ll find plenty more online, and printing online means that you can get more raffle tickets for less money. With donated prizes for the draw, your initial outlay is minimal, and the sky’s the limit for profits. With the proper prizes, you can sell tickets for one dollar, or five, or ten. Get your raffle tickets stapled into booklets and offer a discount on books of ten. You’ll sell far more tickets, and sell them faster.

Keeping the arts alive isn’t hard. It just takes time and money, and if you’re dedicated to your mission, you can raise more money to keep the music alive.

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