Football Fever

by ticketprinting on June 15, 2010

Sell Football Raffle Tickets During the World Cup

Ready to score big fund raising dollars and cash in on the delirious madness of the World Cup? Now would be a proper time to organise a prize draw and create your own football-themed Raffle Tickets. If everyone you know is glued to the television and cheering Australia on, you can draw their attention to your cause during the commercials, and tempt them with World Cup prizes:

  • Regulation Game Balls
  • World Cup T shirts
  • Team Books
  • Team Posters

Selling Raffle Tickets is a matter of marrying smart prizes to a worthy cause, and you can tie the knot with just the right ticket template–something that grabs the eye and perhaps, starts the heart pounding. And, if your audience already have their hearts bound up in the spirit of the match, a Football Raffle Ticket is the perfect way to bring them into the spirit of your charity efforts.

Football Raffle Ticket

Share your love of the game and your love of worldwide athletic competition when you sell Football Raffle Tickets this month. Fit all the action you can into a little perforated piece of brightly-coloured and individually numbered piece of high quality card stock: your customised Football Raffle Ticket.

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