April is Upon Us!

by ticketprinting on March 30, 2010

Now is an excellent time to consider printing Raffle Tickets for events in April.

Churches and religious organisations can still organise Easter-themed fundraisers. As you celebrate the season of spiritual rebirth, consider asking members and supporters to contribute to a small prize draw. Choose inspirational prizes, such as bibles or retreats. While you may not want to tie your charity efforts directly into your Easter observance, it may make sense to begin the campaign when you have everyone’s attention next Sunday.

Spring Fling Raffle Ticket

There is still quite a bit of time left to order your Anzac Day tickets. While dawn services and parades draw big crowds in centralised locations, your charity can benefit by selling Anzac Day Raffle Tickets, which match the rest of the Anzac Day Event Kit. These tickets even allow you to customise and brand yourself when you upload your own logo or custom image.

Anzac Day Raffle Ticket

Or, simply begin planning a prize draw using the resources at hand, to sell to any group at any event! As winter approaches, your group may be instrumental in lifting the hopes of the community. Let your ticket sales benefit those around you: your supporters can reap as much gain from your prize draw as those who will receive the fruits of your labor.

April is an excellent time to start designing and printing your own Raffle Tickets online! It’s fast, easy, and, when you chose attractive, colourful, inexpensive tickets, a surefire way to earn more money for your group.

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