A Year of Prizes: Part I

by ticketprinting on April 8, 2011

Print Raffle Tickets to Keep Your Students Motivated

Educators looking for fun and easy ways to help put the fun back into fundamentals can use a variety of tactics to keep the learning process fun. Using raffle tickets is one way that I’ve discovered to help my students stay on task and encourage reluctant learners to take greater responsibility. This is my four-part plan, which has been really successful in the past.

Part one: Print the Raffle Tickets, Create the Rules

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to employ an online raffle ticket printer, a company that allows you to use their designs and add your personalised text to an online ticket template. These are inexpensive and ship quickly to your door. You can choose from hundreds of images, or add your own images right to the ticket template. These tickets should be perforated, so you can easily tear off the stub, which will be used for different drawings all year long.

Or, you can challenge your students to create some designs and use these images to print your own tickets from your home computer.

The important part is that each ticket should have its own, discreet, serialised numbering. The unique numbers are what allow you to use the raffle tickets for various purposes throughout the year.

Then, consider which behaviors you would like to reward. I have identified a number of places where raffle tickets helped my students achieve more. You can award one raffle ticket every time a student:

• Turns in homework on time
• Earns a high score on a test or on written work
• Obeys a rule that you are having difficulty enforcing
• Acts socially responsible by cleaning up after others or confronting bullies
• Passes a benchmark

Really, you can reward any behaviors you like. Print a lot of raffle tickets, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pass them out.

Next week: Share the good news about raffle tickets!

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