Raffle Law and Apologies

by ticketprinting on March 19, 2012

And, we’re back!

I have to apologize for any confusion. While we were on hiatus, we experienced an escalating series of goofs, resulting in the contents of this Australian-centric raffle ticket blog being deleted and then inexplicably replaced with entries from a UK-centric raffle ticket blog. Consequently, a number of completely blameless British people were seeking legal advice from a blog that was a) not being updated regularly and b) intended for Aussies.

If you’ve reached this site in error, and you’re looking for information on holding a prize draw in the UK, then by all means, check out our sister blog, Raffle Ticket Printing UK.

In any case, I’d like to address the more immediate issue, that of seeking legal advice from what we like to call the “Lazy Web,” as in “Dear Lazy Web, Can you tell me…”

While holding a raffle can be a very easy way to raise money for any legitimate cause (and, depending on the laws where you live, potentially for a cause that’s not legitimate), you don’t want to take the easy way out when it comes to understanding your legal obligations. That decision will often come back to haunt you in the future.

There is a decent amount of information available online regarding your local raffle laws. Anyone (me included) can look them up with the appropriate search terms. And anyone (me included) can summarize their findings and make a blog post about it.

But you, raffle organizer, need to protect yourself! You can’t depend on any third-party source if you have a serious question. You have to go directly to the government-sponsored source to get the correct information, and if you still have questions, your best choice is always to either contact the appropriate government office, or else to hire a lawyer. It might take more time, and perhaps take more money, but in the long run, your long term outcome will be much better than if you post your question in a blog.

Looking for information about Australian raffle law? Here are some government resources:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territories


South Australia



Western Australia

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