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by ticketprinting on February 8, 2013

How to Promote Your Raffle for a Fabulous Success

Raffles have become the proverbial workhorse for the fundraising efforts of many a charitable and non-profit organisation. Fundraisers everywhere have caught on and are using raffles to raise money for causes that are tried and true, and above all, causes they believe in.

But when it comes time to promote your raffle and raise funds for the organisation you support, it’s good to know the difference between how to promote a successful raffle, and simply going through the advertising motions.

Promoting a raffle may be a bit challenging, but with a good plan and the right implementation, the rewards will be worth much more than the effort put forth.

How to Make Your Raffle More Successful

First things first. Know what kind of organisation your raffle will raise funds for, where the funds raised will be distributed, and why that group needs to raise funds in the first place. The answers to these questions can help you immensely when you start promoting your raffle and selling raffle tickets.

Once raffle ticket sales start up, you can give your ticket sellers useful tips they can leverage that will help promote ticket sales.

For example, if you work for an organisation that honors wounded or lost soldiers, telling potential ticket buyers that the money raised from ticket sales will go to soldiers’ families can make, or break, your sale.

The next important distinction to make involves the prizes, which are perhaps the most entertaining part of any raffle.

Well Lookie What We Have Here

Let’s look at an example of a website promoting a raffle. The prizes they offer are exceptionally grand. The way they promote them is, well, not so grand. One of the best things you can do to help promote your raffle is to promote the prizes. That doesn’t mean simply explaining what they are.

Promoting prizes should be interactive for the ticket buyer (or user, in this case). Anyone even remotely interested in buying a raffle ticket should be able to click around your site and look at pictures of the prizes, so they know exactly how great the prizes are.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s extremely important to make your raffle tickets easy to buy.

That means making them available online, in person, over the phone, or however else you can manage.

The more opportunity potential buyers have to purchase raffle tickets, the more tickets you’ll sell, and the more successful your raffle will become.



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