Tips for New Non-Profits

by ticketprinting on March 10, 2014

You’ve thought of a great way to improve your community. If you have all the legal work done and a plan for your program in place, now you want to raise money so you can get started! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get your new non-profit up and running.

Know How Much Money You Need – Easy, right? As much as possible! Not so fast. Having a clear idea of how much your program will cost lets potential funders know that you are legit and you’ll spend their money wisely. This can also help you develop funding levels (i.e., if you give x amount, you’ll help x families). The clearer your vision, the easier it is to make it a reality.

Diversify Your Funding Sources – It’s easy to jump into a non-profit and think you’re going to get all of your money from grants or all of it from an event. But potential funders want to see that you’re raising money from a variety of sources and your success isn’t just dependent on them. Funding should come from businesses, foundations, and individuals.

If you’re having an event to raise money, be creative and give your supporters a variety of ways to help you out. Keeping admission prices low and offering a raffle can ensure that many will be able to attend and those who can donate will when given the opportunity. Keep it fun!

Tell Everyone – If you tend to be modest or quiet, now is not the time for that! If you are starting a new non-profit, you’ll need help from anyone who can offer it. Talk about it anywhere you can – work, school, the gym, church, the grocer, the shopping centre – you never know who might have extra time, money, or ideas. When you’re ready, share your website and facebook page with everyone. And if you’re organisation is a great idea, others will talk about it! Don’t be shy!

Yes, it’s exciting to start a new community program! Once you have the idea, it’s hard not to jump right in. Strategy is key for your organisation’s success! Having a plan in place for the money you need, recruiting a variety of funders, and talking about it as much as you possible can help you focus and start out strong.

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