The Ultimate Prize: How Professionals Raise Money with Raffle Tickets

by ticketprinting on March 6, 2013

How Professional Fundraisers Promote Raffle Winners and Their Prizes

In 2001, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), the body that oversees the official rules and regulations for motorsport throughout the country, started the Australian Motor Sport Foundation (AMSF). The intent of the organisation is to assist young Australian drivers who are skilled and talented reach their individual motorsport goals and promote Australia’s name in the world of motorsport.

By providing financial help to support the career growth of young Australian drivers, AMSF works to develop and assist in the management of a number of young drivers.

One way they have achieved this, recently, is through a raffle to support Australian rally driver Molly Taylor in raising money for her 2012-2013 European and World Rally Championship program.

Prize Perfection

Affectionately dubbed the “Molly Raffle,” the fundraiser sold raffle tickets for the chance to win an extremely unique and exhilarating prize, especially to anyone who’s a fan of racing and motorsport.

The prize was multi-tiered, making it all the more fabulous for many sports car enthusiasts. For the ultimate European supercar and F1 (Formula 1) experience, the prize consisted of business class travel to Switzerland for one, including accommodation for 7 nights’ stay. That, in and of itself, is quite the win.

What’s more, as if the trip to Switzerland weren’t enough, the winner has also been given an incredible selection of ‘supercars’ to drive, such as a Porsche, Lamborghini or Aston Martin.

And finally, last but not least, the winner’s final destination will be the grand Monte Carlo, where they will have the pleasure of watching the Monaco F1 Grand Prix from the ultimate comfort of a plush yacht anchored in Monaco Harbour.

Thank ALL Your Supporters

After announcing the winner of the “Molly Raffle,” AMSF thanked everyone who entered and bought raffle tickets in support of this fundraising endeavor.

This is one great example of an organisation that came up with a phenomenal prize in order to help raise money for a cause they support. Clearly, the raffle was a success, and to keep the good press flowing, AMSF promoted the winner of their raffle as well as the amazing prize.

Take it from the professionals: don’t just promote your raffle and its prizes before the winner is chosen, get the word out about the lucky person who won and the fabulous prize they’ll receive.

Next time you promote a raffle, see if it isn’t just a little bit easier to sell those tickets now that people have heard about your incredible prizes and that prosperous raffle winner.


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