Six Tips on Planning a Raffle

by ticketprinting on December 24, 2013

Be Aware of Raffle Laws, Ticket Designs, and More

A raffle can be a great way to raise money for a charity or organization and have fun connecting with participants in the process. But before you jump head-first into raffle mania, you must take a step back and take a look at the nuts and bolts of planning a raffle. There are several things you must make sure are in order. Here’s a small list of what you should be mindful of.

Research raffle laws: Before doing anything prize-related with your raffle, it’s important to research your state’s raffle laws. According to eHow, each state has its own raffle laws, including laws that require event holders to have a special license to hold raffles. Neglecting to research raffle laws in your state could land you in a lot of trouble.

Apply for a raffle license: If you find out that you do, in fact, need a raffle license, make sure to apply for the license well in advance. According to Find Law, a license application could take weeks or months to be processed, so keep that in mind when planning your raffle.

Ask for legal help: If you feel you need a little more advice when it comes to raffles, make sure to find an attorney. Find Law states that raffle laws can be a little difficult and complex to understand, particularly about what is and isn’t acceptable. An attorney will give you the help you need in order to keep your event on the right—and legal—path.

Decide which raffle is best for your event: There are several types of raffle tickets you can choose from. One type of ticket design has blank spaces for participants to write their names and contact information in the event they aren’t there in person to collect their prize. Another type of ticket design has numbers which will be used to identify winners. This type of ticket is best if the raffle participants have to be present to collect their prize. Depending on what type of event you’re having, pick your tickets accordingly.

Develop a ticket-selling strategy: Getting your ticket-selling strategy developed is necessary in order to have a successful event. EHow illustrates several strategies for selling tickets, including going door-to-door, selling tickets online or selling tickets at a related, upcoming event. The strategy you decide on should reflect the audience you’re trying to attract.

Set a reasonable price for tickets: Raffle tickets should be affordable if you want to have a huge number of participants. EHow states that if your event’s prizes are donated, raffle tickets can be charged for a low price. If you have big prizes, people will be willing to pay a higher ticket price. Take a look at what types of prizes you’ll be giving away and price your tickets according. There are also ticket calculators online that you could use.

How will you plan your raffle?

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