Double Duty: Tickets That Work Twice as Hard

by ticketprinting on October 3, 2012

Combine Raffle Tickets with Event Tickets for Higher Ticket Sales

It’s the time of year where the holiday season is slowly creeping up on us, but most people are far from ready for it yet. People everywhere are looking forward to Halloween parties and events this month to fit in a few spooky distractions before the season kicks into high gear.

The good news is, if you’re hosting a Halloween event, and you’re looking to raise money for a good cause, you may have just hit the jackpot.

Host a raffle with your Halloween Event, and combine your Raffle Tickets with your Event Tickets to encourage as many people as possible to attend your event.

The Perfect Combination

What’s so special about doubling up your Raffle Tickets with your Event Tickets? Why even host a raffle with your event in the first place?

These are important questions. Raffles have become a charitable organisation’s best friend in the last few years. Non-profits are among the few types of organisations that are allowed to host raffles and raise money for a charitable cause.

Because only charitable and non-profit organisations are allowed to host raffles for the most part, these types of businesses are capitalising on this unique fundraising technique.

But don’t forget the fact that people will be planning ahead and thinking about the upcoming holiday season, so they may not be ready to ante up in the form of multiple ticket purchases.

Attract more guests to your event by selling Raffle Tickets that double as Event Tickets. Anyone who purchases a ticket will automatically be entered into the raffle, a great perk to encourage people of all sorts to attend your event.

Ramp up Your Event with a Raffle

Hosting a Halloween event can become costly. Between decorations, drinks, appetizers or even meals, costs can really add up. Not only that, but if you’re trying to fundraise by selling Event Tickets, you may end up having to charge more in order to hit your donations goal.

By hosting a raffle, you can sell each Event Ticket as a Raffle Ticket, and thus sell your guests a chance to win a great prize.

Gaining an entry into a raffle simply by purchasing a ticket to an event is a considerable deal, and will likely attract all kinds of guests that would have otherwise passed on just a plain old Event Ticket.



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