Asking for the Perfect Raffle Prize

by ticketprinting on January 8, 2014

When planning your fundraising event, consider organising a raffle for your donors. The thought of leaving an event with something in hand can be a fun incentive to give more money. When asking for the perfect prizes for your raffle for your fundraising event, be thoughtful and deliberate when considering your donors.

What Do Your Attendees Want?

What kind of prize might motivate a donor to buy a raffle ticket? Some people love leaving an event with a bottle of wine or a painting they’ve won. But often, people might be more willing to give money for the chance at an experience – something they weren’t expecting.

Think creatively when approaching friends of the organisation for their donation. Do you know someone who’s an expert chef that could offer to teach a one-on-one class? Does someone have a home on the ocean where a supporter could spend a holiday? Could someone offer a service like a massage or acupuncture? Give the gift of an experience!

Pitch your Organisation Succinctly

When you approach new donors, have a quick pitch ready so they understand the value of their donation. Whether you meet them in person, call them, or write them a letter, be polite and courteous. Tell them about the event and leave them with information about your organisation. If you write an email, write a catchy and specific subject line so your email is read (“Your skills can help us raise $50,000 for Autism Awareness ”).

Follow-Up for Friendship

After the event, your work is just beginning. Follow-up with a specific thank you letter to your donors. Keep it short and sweet, but mention how much their donation raised and how it contributed to a successful overall event. Let them know how it will benefit the organisation (How many vaccines will it supply? How many trees will be planted? How many art supplies can it buy?) Keeping a great relationship with donors and sincerely valuing their contributions can lead to strong relationships in the future.

As a token of friendship, send them a raffle ticket and a picture from the event. They’ll have something tangible to remember their contribution, and they’ll be ready to donate their goods or services for next year’s event.

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