The Short Raffle

by ticketprinting on February 2, 2010

Short Raffles Help Raise Extra Funds

Your wants are few. Your organisation is not greedy. You just need a little cash, perhaps a hundred dollars, but you need that money, and you need it fast. You need to throw together a short raffle.

Consider where you can find the supporters to make this happen. Perhaps you need to make some quick repairs to the church: you need the congregation together. Perhaps you want to help a friend with medical expenses: you need to find sympathetic listeners. Think of a meat raffle: a crowded pub is an excellent place to sell a bunch of Raffle Tickets. With the short raffle, you have only an hour or so to sell everything, so you need to pick a time and a place to make that possible.

Next you need a prize. With a short raffle, you can get away with a single prize, although, of course, you may choose to have more. Whatever you choose, it should be interesting enough that people will bid on it even if they don’t care about your cause, but not so expensive that you put yourself into debt!

Now, get some Raffle Tickets. If you’ve planned in advance, you can create customised Raffle Tickets online, and you can have them printed and shipped in just a couple days. Be sure to describe both the prize to be won along with the cause to which the money will go. Calculate how many tickets you will need to sell to reach your goal. You may choose to add a few Posters to the order, so you can inform others of your prize draw’s time and place, or you can rely on word of mouth. If you’ve chosen a busy venue where people are comfortable spending money, you may not have to tell anyone.

Now, be bold. Make an announcement: who you are, what cause you support, what item or service you are raffling off, and how much Raffle Tickets cost. Go about the room and approach people one by one. Ask them to help out. Reiterate how important your cause is. Keep going until you sell all the tickets. Then, draw the winner while all eyes are on you. Make a show of giving away the prize. Thank everyone for their help. Announce how much money you’ve made for your cause so everyone can feel good about their contribution. It’s that easy!

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