On the Printing of Tickets

by ticketprinting on July 25, 2010

When you purchase customised Raffle Tickets, you expect high-resolution printing.

At home, you might spend fifty pounds on a toner cartridge so your child can print out full-colour images of his favourite cartoon character or holiday snaps of the friends she made over the summer. Perhaps you remember the daisy wheels and dot matrices of the past, but today’s printers need to be fast and sharp or they end up in the rubbish, just another jumble of plastic and electronics that’s outlived its usefulness. And if that’s why you expect from your home printer, how much more ought to be accomplished by a professional quality machine?

Your Raffle Tickets, professionally printed, should look even better than anything you can print at home, providing your prize draw with that air of perfection you want to bring to all your endeavors. Sharp lines, bright colours, glossy finish. These tickets are the emissaries of your organisation. No matter what you’re raffling off, or what text and images you’ve employed, the printing on your Raffle Tickets should be all business.

And under the printing, the paper on which your tickets are printed ought to be all business, too. Never thought much of paper? We measure papers grams per square meter, or gsm. Your standard paper, the paper stocked in your office, used in most office applications is between 75 gsm and 120 gsm, whereas your durable business cards are most likely 175 gsm. When you print your Raffle Tickets, you should expect coloured card stock to weight in at 175 gsm, with 165 gsm for white card stock.

Smooth matte finish or semi-gloss? It’s your choice. Either way, when you choose professionally printed Raffle Tickets, they should look as if they’ve been printed by professionals. Read your printer’s website and find out what you’re about to receive.

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