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by ticketprinting on February 7, 2011

Sell Themed Raffle Tickets for Valentine’s Day Excitement

Planning a Valentine’s Day event? It’s not to late to monetise that celebration with some romantic prizes for a Valentine’s themed prize draw!

Selling Raffle Tickets at the party is a sweet way to create a little extra romance and excitement at your gathering, especially for charitable events where the money will go to a good cause. But any raffle will spice up the evening, and offering just the right prizes heightens you chance of success.


  • Flowers
  • Spa day
  • Massages
  • Chocolate
  • Romantic holiday
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate

Or, think outside the box and find ways to connect with your guests through their own interests, allowing them to create romance that suits the situation. How about:

  • Gift certificates for books, golf, gasoline, whatever will help your crowd relax
  • Coupons for babysitters or pet sitters so they can get away
  • Romantic music on CD or MP3

Be creative. You know your guests. What turns them on? When you know what motivates them, you can start printing your own Raffle Tickets online, choosing an appropriate design from among the most romantic ticket templates. Once your tickets have been shipped, you can even start selling them in advance of the event.

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Upside Down Raffle Success

by ticketprinting on January 28, 2011

Plan a Successful Raffle by Asking Supporters What They Want

When funds are tight, the Raffle Ticket Printing blog recommends taking what you can get: I’ve suggested offering such raffle prizes as gift baskets, gift certificates from local businesses, and treasures from Grandmother’s attic. But, if you have a little money, you have a little leeway. While you probably know that vehicles, electronics, and holiday getaways rank among the most popular raffle prizes, why not find out what your supporters want?

Many people enjoy taking quizzes and surveys, online or on paper. If you already have a mailing list, why not solicit supporter opinions before you spend any money? You’ll simply sell more Raffle Tickets if you can offer prizes that appeal to your base, and sell them in the way your fans want. Asking for feedback before you print your Raffle Tickets can also give you a better idea of how many Raffle Tickets to print.

There are plenty of quiz-making apps online, and you can search for them, create your quiz, and direct people to the appropriate URL. If you have more money and know your supporters are not on the computer very often, you can print quizzes out and send them along with stamped envelopes.

Ask questions about:

  • Prizes that interest quiz-takers
  • How much money they are willing to spend on Raffle Tickets
  • How ticket purchases will affect other charitable spending
  • The number of prize draws they’d be willing to enter in a year
  • What time is year is convenient for them

Whatever you need to know to improve your fundraising activities, you should ask! Quizzes help your supporters feel more engaged in your organisation and let people know that you are interested in their opinions.

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Timing is Everything: Your 2011 Raffles

by ticketprinting on January 8, 2011

Happy New Year, fundraisers!

January is the perfect time to begin thinking ahead. If you’ve never planned a raffle, now’s an excellent time to begin researching the basics, determining who will buy raffle tickets from you, what prizes might motivate sales, and when and where your even should take place. If you’re a seasoned event organiser who’s overseen dozen of prize draws, it’s still a good idea to consult your calendar and start planning.

Especially if you hold multiple raffles throughout the year, you need to determine the best times to sell raffle tickets. Our correspondents who run extensive fundraising efforts warn about compassionate burnout: too much fundraising can result in lower overall sales, as even your most ardent supporter may feel overextended and tapped out after repeated pleas for money.

Given the state of the economy, many charitable groups are hurting, and many donors feels that they’ve been called upon to give more than they can afford. Maximise your efforts with good planning. If you hold many raffles, consider consolidating prizes. Sell more tickets to fewer raffle, concentrated at those times of the year that have been most lucrative for you, whether that’s Christmastime, in conjunction with another annual event, or whenever the need is greatest.

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Time is of the essence.

Your fundraising needs may be extensive, and your schedule is important, but you must keep in mind the needs of your donors as well. If you intend to sell Raffle Tickets for multiple prize draws in 2011, it is in your best interest to stagger them out.

Our experienced correspondents note that constant requests for money, particularly in a sluggish economy, can be irksome for your supporters. You may need it quiet badly, but remember that your fans are also experiencing the economic downturn. If they are good enough to give money a few times a year, the last thing you want to do is alienate them with repeated solicitations that seem endless.

Instead, schedule your prize draws so that you are selling Raffle Tickets at particular times when you are most likely to have success. A big raffle at the end of the year is a good idea, as is one that corresponds with a large event you hold annually. If you hold too many raffle, however, you may trigger a compassionate burnout, where followers begin to resent your request. Rather than continual, small draws, combine your funds or your prizes to hold a few larger draws at fortuitous times throughout the year.

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Counting Down to Christmas

by ticketprinting on December 6, 2010

Item 3 in our countdown to Christmas tips and hints for prize draw sales success is a combination of factors that can work on their own, or, when joined together, become a dynamic powerhouse for selling event tickets.

First, consider a large shop or department store where you know there will be increased foot traffic this month. If you represent a charitable organisation, or one that works for children, perhaps the owner will allow you to set up a table outside. This lets you bring your Raffle Tickets to your supporters, rather than forcing them to find you.

Second, man the booth carefully. If possible, have children or teenagers at the table, selling the tickets for you. Their pathos will improve sales. If your group represents a sport team, a band, a scouting group, or any club in which members can be identified by uniforms, make sure everyone wears their uniform!

Finally, if you can manage it, bring the prizes to the table. Set them up in an appealing arrangement. This raises interest levels in your prize draw and encourages people to purchase Raffle Tickets upon falling in love with your prizes!

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And the Tips Keep Coming

by ticketprinting on

This week’s hot tip for selling Raffle Tickets works especially well for organisations relying on children to sell Raffle Tickets, as well as any group with a recognizable uniform or costume.

Set up a table in front of a large, popular business.

If you can get the owner’s permission, selling Raffle Tickets in front of a shop with a constant stream of traffic is a perfect way to improve your visibility and bring your prize draw to the people.

You can increase the effectiveness of this tactic. Having children running the table is a good way to generate more sales. Having children wearing the uniforms of the sport team, band, or scouting troupe for which they are raising funds adds to the appeal. It’s hard to ignore this sort of promotion.

Finally, if at all possible, bring the prizes with you! Set them up at your table in an appealing display. People are much more likely to covet goods they can see and touch, and much more likely to purchase the Raffle Tickets you’ve printed after falling in love with your prizes.

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Bundled Raffle Tickets: Make a Bundle

by ticketprinting on November 27, 2010

As the Christmas fundraising season hastens, we continue to advise you regarding the best ways to maximize your earning power and raise more money for charity than you’ve ever raised in the past. Foremost amongst the top tips for Raffle Ticket sales suggested by our professional correspondents is to have ones tickets stapled into booklets of 5 tickets each. If you print your own Raffle Tickets online, this should be a standard option, and adds very little to the cost of your order.

To what advantage? Stapled ticket booklets help make your prize draw a financial success by encouraging donors to purchase multiple tickets, rather than a single Raffle Ticket: one step toward multiplying your profits by 5! It’s simply a matter of convenience for you and for your supporters. Stapled booklets are simple to sell. You can encourage multiple sales by pricing tickets appropriately, and ensuring that the price of 5 tickets is an even number. Sell 1 ticket for 2 pounds and 5 for 10 and watch your profits soar!

Keep checking this blog as the winter progresses for more expert advice from fundraisers who have traveled this road before and know the best route to take.

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Use Stapled Booklets to Sell Christmas Raffle Tickets

Continuing with our countdown of hot tips for seasonal Raffle Ticket sales, we bring you this sizzling hint from the experts on Raffle Ticket Printing. Ready to maximize sales this Christmas season? When you print your Raffle Tickets online, make sure that you have the option of adding booklet stapling to your order.

What’s this? You can choose to bundle tickets, which encourages your supporters to buy more! The optimal number, according to our sources, is 5 tickets per booklets. It helps steer donors to purchasing more tickets than they otherwise might, but it’s not an outrageous number of tickets to expect someone to buy. So, when you’re placing your order and printing those tickets, just select “Booklet Stapling” and choose 5 tickets per booklet.

Then, scale your pricing so that it’s economical. For instance, you can sell 1 ticket for $2.50 and 5 tickets for $10. Buying a stapled ticket not only provides a better deal, it also comes out to an even amount. Both of these tactics improve ticket sales.

We’ll continue to share more Christmas Raffle Ticket printing and sales advice as the season approaches!

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Christmas Prize Draw

by ticketprinting on November 22, 2010

Printing Raffle Tickets is easy, but what about making money selling those tickets? We asked dozens of fundraisers to share their top tips for Raffle Ticket sales, and you might be surprised at what we found. Looking for new suggestions to help you sell more Raffle Tickets this Christmas season? We’ve got them.

Here’s an effective tactic:

Rather than depending solely on volunteers, take charge of your prize draw by sending stapled booklets of Raffle Tickets to all members of your organization. Include a letter asking your supporters to help out by either purchasing the booklet themselves, or by selling tickets to their friends. You may spend a little extra time on organisation and tracking, but the payoff is that your group will feel themselves part of the process, connected to the organisation, and responsible for your success.

Get tickets into your supporters’ hands and they’ll sell them for you!

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Christmas Fundraising Help

by ticketprinting on

Has your organization begun planning your big Christmas prize draw? We’ve asked the experts for their top tips in aid of selling more Raffle Tickets this year, and might find yourself surprised to hear some of the best fundraising advice the Internet has to offer.

For instance, do you depend on a paid sales crew, or a group of dedicated volunteers? Have you not considered asking others to help? According to our most successful contacts, you’ll sell far more Raffle Tickets if you send stapled booklets to all members of your organisation. Consider the size of your mailing list. If each member receives 5 tickets to sell, how many additional sales would that create?

Include a letter asking each member to purchase the tickets themselves, or to sell those 5 tickets to friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues. It’s a small number, but it will truly add up. Just be sure that you provide a method for the home office to track these sales, so you can be assured that tickets entered in the prize draw have been bought.

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