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3 Great Christmas Raffles 2013

by ticketprinting on November 14, 2013

For many of us, Christmas is a time for giving. Of course, we love searching for and giving the perfect gifts to our friends and family, but it’s also a time for looking outside of our own homes and giving to the less fortunate. Charitable donations and volunteer hours go up in December, and for good reason. We can all join in on the spirit of the season.

Christmas raffles are especially popular. Not only do they allow us to make donations for our favorite charities, they offer us a sense of hope and maybe, just maybe, a reward for our trouble.

Of course, everyone loves a good meat raffle, but there are plenty of other raffles going on right now, especially for really worthy causes, with plenty of fabulous prizes to win!

BoysTown, a not-for-profit organization, offers hope for children in disadvantaged circumstances through training, counselling, and support services. Big organizations with big supporters can offer big prizes, and this draw is a big one. One lucky winner will receive a $2.8 million dollar lifestyle package, including furniture, appliances, and a half million in gold!

If you’re comfortable in your home but are ready for a new car or two, you can support the Heart Foundation. Their Christmas raffle for 2013 includes a grand prize of $70,000 worth of Toyota cars (basically 2 cars) plus $2000 in gas vouchers. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping the organization save lives and improve health by funding world-class cardiovascular research, writing “guidelines for health professionals, informing the public and assisting people with cardiovascular disease.”

Another medical cause, The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia, offers grand prize winners multiple choices. Would you rather win cash, a vacation, or a car (all roughly the same dollar value)? If you win, it’s your choice! Meanwhile, you’ll be helping to fund research and education for this devastating disease.

And, of course, if you’d rather raise money for your favorite cause, you can always print your own raffle tickets and start selling. If you’re willing to network, talk about your work, and maybe call in some favors, it’s easy to find prize donations and to start selling raffle tickets to your current supporters, while finding new supporters who will help you out in exchange for a couple raffle tickets. It’s a smart way to start funding your charitable events!


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How the Hawks Raise Money with Their Annual Raffle

The Hawthorne Football Club, affectionately called the ‘Hawks’ by many fans, is a popular Australian rules football club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Founded back in the year 1902, this club is the most successful non-foundation club with respect to how many premierships they’ve won over the years. The team is easy to spot on the field with the gold and brown striped Guernseys they wear during their games.

With such a loyal fan base as the Hawks have, this year (as in years past) they’ve decided to give back. The 2013 Hawthorne Football Club’s annual raffle gives all Hawks club members and supporters the opportunity to win one of five incredible prizes.

What’s more, there’s even an Early Bird Draw special! Return your raffle tickets or purchase online by 1 August to be entered to win a table for 10 at the Hawthorne’s Best and Fairest, Peter Crimmins Medal night.

Plentiful Prizes   

Here’s a tip on how to successfully promote your raffle: advertise those fabulous prizes! The Hawks have done just that, and to be quite honest, they’ve done it well.

First up on the list of Hawks’ raffle’s five coveted prizes is the Mercedes-Benz B180 BlueEFFICIENCY. Anyone who pictures themselves driving away in one of these hot luxury vehicles is sure to buy at least one raffle ticket!

Next up is a brand new Samsung TV and home theatre system, followed by seven cases of Ninth Island wine, a Travel Club Getaways gift certificate for $1000, and last, but not least, the 5th prize is a signed and framed Guernsey, yours to keep from the Hawks themselves.

Scrutinize Your Set-Up

If you take a gander at the way the Hawks have set up the raffle page on their website, you’ll see that not only is there a convenient button available for the easy purchase of raffle tickets with little more than a click of your mouse, but in addition to that, the terms and conditions are all listed neatly for the buyer’s perusal, just below the link to buy tickets.

In 2013, this is the best way you can set up any raffle for success.

Australian Raffle Law can sometimes be a bit confusing, so it’s best to make sure you inform your ticket buyers of all the necessary information up front, and that way you can worry more about selling tickets than covering your bases.


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How to Keep Your Community Raffle Successful

by ticketprinting on July 9, 2013

The Rotary Club of Rossmoyne Hosts 2013 Community Raffle

Organising a raffle can be a real challenge. At times, it can even be downright frustrating. No matter how big or small your charitable organisation is, you’re likely to run into some issues along the way when hosting a raffle. Sometimes, overcoming those challenges can be part of the excitement. But, above all, educating yourself on what it takes to hold a successful raffle will help you immensely in the end.

Take the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne for example. This Western Australian charitable organisation holds an annual fundraising raffle to raise money for the community and other charitable projects they take on.

But just because they’ve done it before, doesn’t make this year’s raffle any easier. “Changes to laws have made conducting a raffle very difficult,” the Club states on their website.

How to Keep Your Raffle Legal

Clearly, the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne has done their raffle homework. While Australian raffle law can be confusing, it’s certainly not impossible to understand. On their website, the Rossmoyne Club mentions they have “developed a strategy which meets all the necessary legal requirements” for their community raffle.

If you’re looking to keep your own raffle on the right ride of the law, it’s best to check with your specific local Australian Gaming and Gambling Authorities.

Each territory and state in Australia has their own unique guidelines and rules when it comes to hosting a raffle legally.

Take a Tip from Rossmoyne

Since you already know the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne has managed to organise a legal raffle, why not take a look at how they’ve done it, so you know what can be done legally?

One of the most important aspects of their raffle and how it’s organised is their complete honesty about where the proceeds from the raffle ticket sales will go. Not only do they explain where every dollar they raise will go, they also explain what their organisation plans to do with it once they get it.

The Club has several major projects that they contribute to, as well as other community-valued initiatives, like Sustainable Cambodia Australia. People appreciate honesty. Being up front about exactly where the money will go when someone buys a raffle ticket is almost guaranteed to help you sell more tickets.

To avoid having to use a large part of your funds raised from the raffle for things like printing services, find a high-quality, low cost raffle ticket printing service.

That way, you can use the money you raised for community projects that truly need your help.


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How to Host a “Monster Fundraiser”

by ticketprinting on June 5, 2013

Victoria Branch of Scouts Australia Hosts Monster Scout Raffle 2013

An undeniably positive social movement, Scouting has helped to shape the development of children and young adults for no less than a century. Scouts Australia is the most successful youth organisation in the country, and the Victoria branch boasts more than 20,000 participating kids from a variety of different cultural backgrounds.

To assist the Scout Groups with raising money for their organisation, the Victoria Branch recently held the 2013 Monster Scout Raffle. The lucky prize winners were announced only a few days ago, and it seems like this is one raffle that really had its act together.

A Monster Way to Contribute

Any fundraiser knows that the validity of their cause will go a long way to encourage donors to contribute their money, no matter what the possible payoff is. While the prizes for the Monster Scout Raffle were absolutely enticing, the charitable cause behind the raffle tickets is likely one of the strongest reasons this raffle was successful.

Not only were Scouts raising money for their organisation by selling raffle tickets, they were also promoting Scouting to the general public and spreading the word about the importance of their social cause.

The Scouts also recruited new members by requesting additional information from raffle ticket buyers, and worked at developing relationships with sponsors, all while learning more about the value of money and working toward fundraising goals.

Jaw-Dropping Prizes

One of the best ways to get people more excited about your raffle is to advertise your prizes. The Monster Scout Raffle didn’t have merely a few great prizes. Ticket buyers had the chance to win one of eight incredible prizes, all valued at over $900.

  • 8th Prize – Primus Transit 50 litre portable fridge
  • 7th Prize – 2 mountain bikes ($1000 value)
  • 6th Prize – 2 high-end mountain bikes ($1,500 value)
  • 5th Prize – 2 Companion EXO Pro Tents
  • 4th Prize – $3000-worth of adventure and travel wear
  • 3rd Prize – $5000 gift card for IGA
  • 2nd Prize – Trekmaster Camper Trailer with Sunroom
  • Grand Prize – Toyota Prius C Hybrid – over $28,000 value!

Perhaps the two most important things you can do to host a monster raffle like the Scouts did is to make sure the cause you support is valuable in the eyes of the public, and take care to have some great prizes.


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The Element of Surprise: A Smooth Prize Draw

by ticketprinting on April 27, 2012

Simplify Raffle Ticket Sales

When you plan a prize draw, the outcome should be a surprise. Your supporters are expecting one, and that’s part of the fun: hoping to win but not knowing what who will take home the new motorcycle, the new TV, the tray of meat. But for you, the fundraiser and organiser, surprises at any point of the process preceding the draw are not what you want.

Unhappy Surprises in Raffle Planning:

  • Purchasing Raffle Tickets that arrive late or not at all. The remedy? Order your tickets from a trusted source, choosing a company that’s been in the online printing business since the early days of ecommerce and guarantees satisfaction on every order.
  • Dissatisfaction with your tickets. The remedy? Read the seller’s website carefully so that you know what you’re ordering, and make sure that you choose a site that generates a free ticket proof. No company should print or ship your Raffle Tickets before asking you to approve the proof.
  • Running out of Raffle Tickets. The remedy? Do a little footwork prior to ordering. If you have sold tickets in the past, look at the data to help make your estimate. Query a sample of potential supporters regarding their interest in your prizes and their likelihood of spending a certain amount of money on tickets. If interest is high, up your numbers!
  • Selling fewer tickets than you need to support the draw.The remedy? A combination of pre-kickoff research and hard work during the selling period. Not only do you need to determine how popular your prizes are, you need to find out if people are willing to support you. Make sure your organisation is invested in moving those tickets before you order. Then, keep encouraging the sales crew to expand their reach while the office staff keeps advertising wherever possible. If interest is low before you order tickets, consider that now may not be the best time for this fundraiser.
  • Volunteer burnout. The remedy? If you depend on volunteers to make your fundraiser a success, appreciate your volunteers. Depending on your crew, this might involve regular meetings or friendly informal contact. Prizes for the top salespeople are good motivators. Others will work harder for a line of recognition in a newsletter, coffee and doughnuts on Friday mornings, or a pizza party at the end of the sales period. Know your team and work with their desires.
  • Prize problems.The remedy? Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t offer prizes unless you’re certain you can deliver, and check to ensure the prizes you have in hand are precisely what you’re advertising. Double check everything.

While you can’t eliminate every surprise, staying on top of the situation can help your prize draw go a lot more smoothly. You want to sell raffle tickets and make money, not tear your hair our over a series of preventable mistakes!

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What about the Children?

by ticketprinting on April 1, 2011

Printing Raffle Tickets for Educational Fundraising

If your local schools could use some extra funding, you know that it’s time to mobilize the youth army: prepare those kids to go out and bring in the cash that keeps their school great. And while selling cookies, candies, and other items can be a great draw, a large percentage of your profits will actually go toward paying the companies that provide those items.

A better solution? Organise your own raffle with donated prizes and keep one hundred percent of the profits!

Start off on the right foot by asking around: what prizes would people most like to win? What prizes can you most easily get donated? Then, print your own raffle tickets online and start selling.


Motivate the kids with a second raffle, one only open to saleskids, where the tickets are free. The catch? You earn one raffle ticket per a certain amount of money raised. For instance, kids can earn one raffle ticket for each ten dollars they bring in. This method works better than rewarding the top sellers. Rather than having a few kids in competition for the prize, every child knows that he or she has the possibility of winning.

You can also increase your overall sales with special deals. Have your printed tickets stapled into booklets of ten and offer a discount to those who purchase an entire booklet. You’ll be amazed at how fast those booklets go. Another tactic is to offer a “free fill-in service” to those spending a certain amount of money. If supporters purchase, say, forty dollars’ worth of tickets, the kids will fill in their contact information on each ticket, to save them the effort. Those who care about the school will be easily persuaded to buy an extra booklet to earn that service.

With the proper prizes and a few hundred children determined to win the top prize (make sure it’s a good one) you’ll find that selling raffle tickets really is child’s play!

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Eyes on the Prize

by ticketprinting on March 28, 2011

Educational Fundraising Success

Selling Raffle Tickets to support your local school is perhaps the simplest way to help earn more money for education. You need not organise food, drink, and entertainment, as you must for some charitable events, and no one need sort and delivery boxes of biscuits, candies, or other popular fundraising sales items. I might point out that such fundraisers also mean that a large percentage of your money goes to the organisation that sells the biscuits and candies to your school, whereas all prize draw profits stay at the academic institution.

The key to successful school prize draws is to motivate the salespeople: that is to say, your children. Small children may not be able to visualize the outcome of a successful draw. Perhaps they don’t understand why you need the money, or the long-term benefits they will receive. But they can certainly visualize winning a prize on their own.

You may choose to offer a large prize to the top salesperson, but an even better way to motivate them is to instead set up a second raffle for the kids, but they cannot buy tickets to this draw. Instead, they must earn those tickets. For instance, for every ten pounds of money they raise, they earn one ticket for a prize draw to win something they really want: such as an iPod or a new bicycle. Take a survey and determine what prize will best motivate them, and then watch them start selling!

Here’s a new tip for earning more money: the “fill in service.” If supporters buy a large amount of tickets, your students can fill in their names and contact information on the tickets for them. Make it a number worth your time: say, twenty-five pounds. You’ll be surprise how many people will buy more tickets to earn this free service!

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Perfect Your Pitch

by ticketprinting on March 14, 2011

At a local fair last weekend, a pair of young boys approached me as I was talking to a fellow I knew from my gym.

“Buy a raffle ticket?” the bigger one said, waving a single ticket in my face.

“Um…” I replied.

“What’s it for?” my friend asked.

“For our school.”

But what would that ticket do for his school? The little chap couldn’t say. He didn’t know anything about the cause for which he was raising money. All he knew was the name of his school, but he couldn’t say whether they needed to raise funds for a new gym floor, to send the band to a competition or (as is the case with some schools) to purchase base essentials like paper and pencils!

“You can win $500!” the kid continued. “And the ticket is only $1!”

“But how many tickets do you think you’ll sell?” I asked. “How many did they print?”

The child didn’t know. And while $500 is a fair sum, the odds of winning depend only the number of tickets sold. For a cash raffle with a prize of $500, they would need to print at least 1000 raffle tickets and sell them all to make an appreciable profit. A “50-50″ cash raffle is the standard, although, by selling enough tickets, one could offer a large prize and still keep an even larger profit. In the case of a $500 50-50 cash raffle, that $1 ticket has a 1 in 1000 chance of winning.

But I couldn’t calculate the odds. I simply wasn’t given enough information to be moved by the child’s pitch, and these boys were old enough that there were no adults kept handily about to answer my questions. (Meaning, of course, that they were old enough that I wasn’t moved by the cuteness factor of their pitch, either.)

This underscores the need to prepare your sales team, whether they are seasoned professionals or 10 years old. Make a list of all the questions someone might conceivably ask about your raffle before you start selling booklets, and coach your crew to memorize the answers.

Needless to say, those kids didn’t sell me a raffle ticket that day.

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Warming Up to Raffle Sales

by ticketprinting on February 28, 2011

As the weather cools, your supporters grow hungry. Now is the perfect time to plan a meat raffle! Why not increase the reach of this popular, perennial standby? Rather than popping around the pub, why not plan a heart-warming event?

A barbecue, for instance, is the perfect way to bring together friends, neighbors, families, and other supporters. If a member of your organisation is willing to offer up a nice home or a large yard for the festivities, you can begin planning. Sell event tickets to cover the price of admission and make the prize draw the highlight of the festivities.

Or, consider other ways to keep your customers warm in the upcoming months.

Make the most of your prize draw. Consider other items you might like to raffle off as the seasons change. Think warm, cozy, comforting:

  • Handmade quilt or warm blanket
  • Romantic holiday weekend
  • Basket of candles, bath soaps, and massage oils
  • A cord of firewood

Be creative. Keep in mind the interests of your base. What do they want for their winter nap? Do you have a crew that might be persuaded to knit warm wool hats, socks, scarves, and mittens? Or would your supporters prefer to purchase Raffle Tickets for a chance at winning a snowmobile or a ski vacation?

Whatever you choose, now is the time to find an appropriate design online and begin printing your own Raffle Tickets. You can start selling sooner when you print online and receive fast delivery right to your doorstep.

Don’t let the falling temperature slow you down. Start heating up your fundraising efforts now!

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More Australian Raffle Law

by ticketprinting on February 22, 2011

Keep Your Raffle Legal and Learn About Australian Raffle Law

Your organisation needs to build up a bit of a nest egg, and you know the perfect way to do it: hold a raffle! Prize draws are a wonderful way to increase your exposure in the community, generate excitement and good will, and divert some extra cash into your budget. Printing your own raffle tickets online helps you realize your dream, and selling raffle tickets allows you to make friends, gauge local interest, and create new relationships for your group.

Did you know that the laws pertaining to printing and selling raffle tickets vary from state to state? The last thing you need is a legal hassle interrupting your success. Why not double check to ensure that you’re on the right side of the law.

This informative government website compiles information from all the state and territory governments into one handy document, so you can quickly check on the basic rules of your community. It also conveniently provides websites, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and addresses, so you can instantly contact the appropriate office and find the answer to any questions you may have. The types of activities that are regulated and the permits and approvals required are clearly spelled out here.

These laws are for charities and organisations. It’s important to remember that running a private raffle for personal gain is not looked upon kindly by the law. Whenever you wish to sell raffle tickets, it’s important to follow all local laws. Begin by contacting the appropriate department of your state government and avoid any legal hassles!

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