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Small Raffles, Big Benefits

by ticketprinting on January 14, 2011

Buy Small Raffle Tickets to Increase the Chance to Win Prizes

A few months ago, we discussed the power of consumer reviews, which can provide your organisation with a type of advertising that is first of all, completely free, and second of all, considered far more trustworthy by your average consumer than any other type of marketing.

An organisation to which I belong offered one virtual raffle ticket for every honest review left on one of 4 popular websites. The prize was a free massage! How much did I want that massage? I wrote 4 reviews.

One of the great advantages of a small raffle like this one is that the odds on each individual raffle ticket are much better. If you do choose to hold a small raffle, open to a select group of people, with the expectations that you will only distribute a small number of tickets, it’s in your best interest to make the most of this fact! If you know, for instance, that you will offer only 3 prizes, and that you will most likely only offer, say, 150 tickets, each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning. A supporter who purchased 5 tickets in such a draw has a 1 in 10 chance of winning: 10%.

In case you’re wondering, I did win a massage! I haven’t been able to claim it yet, but I hope to do so soon.

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A Qualified Success

by ticketprinting on

You may recall, some weeks back, a post about a prize draw where raffle tickets could not be purchased, but rather were rewarded for each instance of an online activity benefiting the sponsoring organisation. Recently, I participated in such a raffle, earning four virtual raffle tickets.

The prize? A free professional massage!

Yes, I wanted to win this very badly.

One of the nice things about this sort of draw is that the odds are very, very good. I was able to increase my odds by taking action to receive the maximum number of raffle tickets. And my efforts paid off. For the second time since I became your fabulous ticket girl, I won!

If only I had scheduled my massage a few days earlier. Little did I know that the therapist would cancel on me at the last minute, having contracted a disease that left him unable to stand for any period of time :(

However, the sponsoring organisation made a complete success of their raffle, garnering a great deal of free publicity. In this case, every raffle ticket represented, essentially, a free advertisement, written by customers, extolling their virtues! This type of prize draw is a winning situation for everyone!

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Christmas Raffle Ticket Printing: Put It Together!

by ticketprinting on November 27, 2010

Use Stapled Booklets to Sell Christmas Raffle Tickets

Continuing with our countdown of hot tips for seasonal Raffle Ticket sales, we bring you this sizzling hint from the experts on Raffle Ticket Printing. Ready to maximize sales this Christmas season? When you print your Raffle Tickets online, make sure that you have the option of adding booklet stapling to your order.

What’s this? You can choose to bundle tickets, which encourages your supporters to buy more! The optimal number, according to our sources, is 5 tickets per booklets. It helps steer donors to purchasing more tickets than they otherwise might, but it’s not an outrageous number of tickets to expect someone to buy. So, when you’re placing your order and printing those tickets, just select “Booklet Stapling” and choose 5 tickets per booklet.

Then, scale your pricing so that it’s economical. For instance, you can sell 1 ticket for $2.50 and 5 tickets for $10. Buying a stapled ticket not only provides a better deal, it also comes out to an even amount. Both of these tactics improve ticket sales.

We’ll continue to share more Christmas Raffle Ticket printing and sales advice as the season approaches!

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Christmas Prize Draw

by ticketprinting on November 22, 2010

Printing Raffle Tickets is easy, but what about making money selling those tickets? We asked dozens of fundraisers to share their top tips for Raffle Ticket sales, and you might be surprised at what we found. Looking for new suggestions to help you sell more Raffle Tickets this Christmas season? We’ve got them.

Here’s an effective tactic:

Rather than depending solely on volunteers, take charge of your prize draw by sending stapled booklets of Raffle Tickets to all members of your organization. Include a letter asking your supporters to help out by either purchasing the booklet themselves, or by selling tickets to their friends. You may spend a little extra time on organisation and tracking, but the payoff is that your group will feel themselves part of the process, connected to the organisation, and responsible for your success.

Get tickets into your supporters’ hands and they’ll sell them for you!

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Positive Feedback

by ticketprinting on October 25, 2010

Virtual Raffle Tickets Encourage Positive Reviews

Research shows that:

  • We trust information related by our peers
  • We are more likely to purchase products and services after reading positive consumer reviews
  • Your customer, clients, and supporters use social media to learn about the world

Organisers on the cutting edge know how to leverage this knowledge, and you can translate positive feedback into positive gains for your business. The secret is in generating honest, thoughtful, and, of course, positive reviews on the websites where your potential supporters are looking for information about you.

The sad truth is that it’s much easier to generate negative reviews. Most consumers only think about leaving feedback when they’re angry and disappointed. At the same time, many will be happy to write about their positive feelings if you ask them nicely. And they’ll be even more willing to do so if there’s something in it for them. Now, you could reward anyone who leaves you a positive review, but you probably don’t want to buy this publicity! Instead, why not provide that magical thread of hope by translating every positive review into a virtual Raffle Ticket?

My own gym used this sort of campaign to great advantage. For every good post, gym members were entered into a prize draw. The prize? A free massage! Some of the trainers are massage therapists, so this costs the gym nothing.

Participants could earn 3 virtual Raffle Tickets by posting on 3 different sites. Foursquare and Google Places are good places to start. You can also ask your customer or supporters where they look online to find reviews. Then, announce your new raffle rules and watch the positive feedback add up!

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High Traffic, High Volume

by ticketprinting on August 23, 2010

Free Raffle Tickets for Increased Sales

Here’s another brill variation on the prize draw in conjunction with a wider event. My mate, a talented artist, called me up the other day to tell me about a local charity event to benefit artists in the region. It was to be held at a popular downtown club and cost only $5. With a full-night’s worth of bands, plus a fire dancing show and other entertainment, it was a great deal.

I’ve talked before about the idea of scaled raffles, with different prices and different prizes. Well, somebody thought of a very clever way to run a scaled prize draw that would actually drive traffic back to the sponsor. Upon entry, each participant received a voucher for a Raffle Ticket. The voucher was free, as was the ticket itself, but the key was that each voucher had to redeemed at the sponsor’s shop. This shop, I can testify from past experience, is full of many lovely things, and it would be difficult to enter this shop without examining and perhaps coveting some of them! The prize in this draw would be a $100 gift certificate to the shop in question.

There was a second raffle inside the venue. Many of the lovely items for sale in the sponsor’s shop were on display, and Raffle Tickets cost only $1 to purchase a chance at winning one of the items that evening. (The second draw, for the gift certificate, will not take place until next month.)

This method:

  • Provides added value: a free Raffle Ticket
  • Promotes positive interaction with the sponsor’s brand
  • Increases traffic to the sponsor’s shop
  • Provides patrons with an opportunity to examine the sponsor’s merchandise
  • Appeals to instant gratification shoppers as well as those who like to wait and compare

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to redeem this voucher for a free Raffle Ticket.

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It Only Takes One

by ticketprinting on June 7, 2010

Buy Raffle Tickets to Increase Your Chance to Win

If I can afford it, and if I like the prizes, and if I support the cause, I’ll always buy the Raffle Ticket. Why? I love to win, and raffles make it easy.

What are the odds?

You can easily calculate your odds of winning any given prize draw. Unlike many forms of lottery, raffles typically must have a winner. If you are the type to play the Lotto, you know that some weeks, there are no winners at all, regardless of how many tickets are sold. And some weeks, there are multiple winners, meaning that the cash prize will be divvied among a number of lucky ticket holders. Or, you may match only some of the numbers, and win only a small percentage of the pot.

Sure, if you hit, you hit big, but consider the number of people playing and the odds of winning. It depends on a lot of factors, but your chances of winning those millions are actually 1 in many billions.

Your chances of winning even a very large raffle prize draw are substantially better.

Say a charitable organisation is offering a new TV as their prize. You can ask how many tickets they anticipate selling. (Should be easy to figure out, as the number will be the same as the number of Raffle Tickets they have printed.) Most groups will put a cap on this number: they will sell no more than, for instance, 5000 tickets.

In that case, your odds of winning, should you purchase 1 ticket, are 1 in 5000. If you purchase 2 tickets, that’s 1 in 2500. If you purchase 5 tickets, that’s 1 in 1000.

Choosing smaller raffles and buying more tickets improves those odds to an amazing degree.

If my nephew sells Raffle Tickets to raise money for his school, and the school hopes to sell 1000 tickets at $5 each, earning them $5000 (we assume the prizes are donated and the school receives all the profit), each ticket has a 1 in 1000 chance of winning the top prize. If there are, for instance, 5 prizes, then each ticket has a 1 in 200 chance of winning something. And If I buy 10 tickets (I am terribly fond of my nephew), my odds increase to 1 in 20!

In the meantime, I’ll be helping a great cause and a great kid. And that’s why I always buy Raffle Tickets.

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Find More Raffles; Win More Prizes!

by ticketprinting on June 2, 2010

Do you love the thrill of taking a chance?

Do you love it so much that you jump at the chance? Do you actively seek out extra chances?

Well, I’ve found the site for you. If you love to buy Raffle Tickets, enter prize draws, support worthy causes, and build the anticipation of winning fabulous prizes, Raffles on Sale is your source for all things raffle-y throughout Australia! They list all not for profit, lottery, and art union raffles they can find, and it’s a completely free service. Their intention is to create an exhaustive list.

This all-in-one site offers you a complete overview of Australian raffles, so you can choose your organization, price, date, and prize, simply by scrolling down their front page. It’s a lovely format. You get detailed information on the name of the charity you would be supporting if you bought a Raffle Ticket, along with the cost of each ticket, all the prizes being offered, the date of the drawing, and the name and contact information of someone who will sell you tickets.

If you’ve printed your own Raffle Tickets and are holding your own not for profit prize draw, you can e-mail and get yours added to their list. It’s fast, simple, and free publicity for you and your organization. And if you’re just looking to buy Raffle Tickets, either to support a cause or for the thrill of gambling, you’ll find plenty of opportunities on this site!

Then, after the big day, you can check the same page to see if you’ve won!

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A Controversial Raffle

by ticketprinting on May 28, 2010

I can’t believe I missed this one! I’m going to resist the urge to weigh in and simply report the news. Apparently, in March, a group raffled off a human egg. This was an enormously controversial move, not only because trafficking in human genetic material is a moral grey area at best, but also because the very terms of the raffle violate UK gaming laws. To circumvent this quandary, the treatment will be provided in America.

I’m not certain how much they were selling individual Raffle Tickets for, but the value of the prize is placed at £13,000. This covers not only the egg from a healthy female donor (the winner can choose a donor who looks like her, or choose based on the donor’s racial background, upbringing, and education) but also the cost of the IVF treatment needed to fertilise the egg with the male genetic material of ones choose and the implantation of the embryo into the uterus.

The company’s idea was to sell Raffle Tickets in order to promote their new service: Baby Profiling. It was a joint venture between a London fertility clinic called Bridge Centre, and and American group, the Genetics and IVF Institute (GIVF) in Fairfax, Virginia.

No matter how you break it down, this prize draw helped the group reach its goals. Not only did they earn money selling Raffle Tickets, they garnered a remarkable amount of publicity, a great deal of it free. Yes, much of the publicity was controversial, but I would argue that those who decry this prize draw are not potential clients to begin with. Their outrage, however, has allowed a greater number of potential clients to become aware of the clinic, as well as the technology.

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Another Day, Another Raffle

by ticketprinting on May 26, 2010

Buy Raffle Tickets for the Opportunity to Win

I didn’t even realize they were selling Raffle Tickets!

It was a bit of a disappointment to me, because the prizes were all sorts of free passes to various upcoming shows at the local art theater, as well as a couple free memberships: discounts on all shows for an entire year, plus free popcorn! There was even a nice assortment of mugs, with the venue’s logo, and T-shirts, with the event’s logo.

It was a large event; so large that we made the news, which reported the theater was at carrying capacity—500 people. The event was free, but I just don’t see how I missed the fact that they were selling Raffle Tickets, because you know I fully would have bought a couple, just on principle. My boyfriend had gotten the Event Tickets earlier in the week, and you’d think they’d mention a thing like that.

Not until 3 interns got up on stage with one of those little spinning wire cages did we realize there was to be a prize draw. And there were so many prizes! And we didn’t win any, because we hadn’t entered. Those who did win came running up to the stage to claim their prizes, and the audience cheered and encouraged them.

Oh, well. You can’t win them all.

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