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How to Add a Bit of Adventure to Your Raffle

by ticketprinting on April 8, 2013

Bibbulmun Track Foundation’s 2013 Adventure Raffle

One of the longest and most unique walking trails in the world, the Bibbulmun Track covers almost 1000 km from its starting point in Kalamunda (a suburb near Perth) to the historical, south coast town of Albany. This incredible trail is for walking only, and it runs through the scenic heart of the south west portion of Western Australia.

The Bibbulmun Track leads you through some of the most beautiful national parks that the south west forests and coastlines have to offer. Walking on this trail, you’ll find tingle forests and towering karri, venture through mist-laden valleys and over gigantic granite boulders, and experience awe-inspiring costal heathlands.

A non-profit organisation, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation relies heavily on donations, fundraising, membership, and sponsorship to maintain the Track and its facilities.

One of their biggest fundraising initiatives of the year, the 2013 Adventure Raffle now has raffle tickets available for the chance to win a fabulous prize that’s packed with adventure.

The Best Way to Experience the Outdoors

Raffle ticket buyers will have the chance to win one of several prizes, like a World Expeditions Kakadu holiday for two, a $3,000 Mountain Designs Voucher, a Bibbulmun South Coast escape for two staying at the luxurious Cape Howe Cottages, and a $1,500 voucher from Sea to Summit for all your outdoor gear.

Only $5 each, raffle tickets are reasonably-priced and come in books of 5.

The Bibbulmun Foundation encourages their ticket buyers to buy as many books as they want and sell additional tickets to their friends and families.

With such great prizes available, and because it’s for such a good cause, it’s not hard to see why you might want to share the love with those closest to you.

How Help Future Generations

All the proceeds from the 2013 Adventure Raffle will go to helping ensure the Bibbulmun Track is maintained and available for future generations to use, so that they too can experience the bounteous wonder that nature trails like this have to offer.

Do you have a favourite national park, nature trail, or other outdoor area that’s in need of support? Consider having a raffle to raise funds and help keep Mother Nature beautiful for our children, and our children’s children.

If you run a charitable organisation all your own, try adding a little adventure to your next fundraising endeavor. Contact your local national parks to see if they would be willing to offer up an adventurous prize on your behalf.


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Take a Hint from the Pros

by ticketprinting on July 10, 2012

Print High Quality Raffle Tickets to Raise Money for Your Cause

With the Australian Red Cross kicking off their national raffle this past week, Aussies are now deep in the throes of raffle season. This raffle is only one of many hosted by the Red Cross over the next year, and that’s only counting one charitable organisation. It’s the bloody oath that the Cross is amping up their fundraising efforts, so what are you doing to boost yours?

If you’re working for a good cause or on behalf of a charitable organisation, hosting a raffle may be one of the best ways (or only way!) available for you to raise funds. The expectation of success is always there, and the bar has been raised in hopes of donating more this year to your cause than ever before.

But in the current economy, people seem less and less willing to donate to your organisation, no matter how well-received you may be in the community.

That’s precisely why you need high quality raffle tickets available to print fast and at a very reasonable cost.

High Style at a Low Price

Get the most for your money when you pick your raffle tickets. You want something that speaks to everyone, yet is strange enough to stand out from a crowd of others.

Choose bright or bold colours that capture your donors’ attention and keep it, even at first glance of your ticket. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise on a budget, so make sure to print raffle tickets that make people want to show them to their neighbours.

And if colours aren’t enough, upload your own unique images. Upload anything you like, from your own company logo (no-brainer) to the logos of your biggest sponsors or donors.

Don’t Save the Best for Last

One of the best ways we’ve been told by our customers to sell a raffle ticket is to put the prizes up front and center. List them out in the open, first hand, where anyone who has an inkling to buy a raffle ticket will have to drool over the prizes first, making them even more likely to buy a ticket.

Upload pictures of your prizes right onto the raffle ticket for the best coverage. Potential ticket buyers literally won’t be able to ignore the prizes they can win when they’re printed in full color and looking them in the eye.

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A Year of Prizes Part IV

by ticketprinting on May 2, 2011

Raffle Tickets Rewards Start to Motivate Your Students

Last week, we discussed how to set up your classroom raffle tickets. Now, bring it to the class. Think of a clever name for your raffle game. For instance, my schools’ mascot is a lion, and my raffle game is the Roar Game. Each raffle ticket represents a roar, and students want to earn the greatest number of roars.

I show my students the tickets, explain that each one has a different number on it (so I can keep track of which ticket goes where, and no one is tempted to falsify a ticket), and say that these tickets will be worth prizes. I pass out a sheet explaining in detail which behaviors will be rewarded with tickets.

It’s important here to explain that anyone who asks, “Can I get a raffle ticket?” will be denied. You are the sole judge and distributor of tickets. You don’t need to be interrupted or irritated by constant nagging for tickets. Repeat offenders may have to lose a few tickets before they get this, but stand your ground. Keep a notebook and make a show of marking down students for good behaviour.

You can distribute tickets at the end of the day, publicly, or just pass them out without comment, depending on your classroom management style.

Get feedback about prizes. You already probably have some in mind. Inexpensive books, pencils, and erasers, lunch with you, and other treats are easy. Find some bigger and more exciting prizes, too, like gift cards, or even electronics. There will be different levels of prizes, so you shouldn’t have to spend too much. Lots of little things, some mid-range items, and one or two big prizes will suffice.

Now, the students know your expectations and what’s at stake. You can get back to teaching.

Next week: Let the Games Begin

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A Year of Prizes Part III

by ticketprinting on April 30, 2011

The Big Classroom Raffle Prize Draw Celebration

In the last couple weeks, I’ve explained ways in which I use raffle tickets in my primary school classroom to reward positive behaviour and make learning fun. If you’ve run a short classroom raffle to improve behavior or reward students over a few weeks, this can be a fun fifteen minute activity at the end of the day. But if you’ve held out for an entire year, the big prize draw can be a rewarding part of your last day of school activities.

First, I make a big ceremony out of all the numbers. I’ve made a most careful count, which doesn’t surprise them by this point in the year. They’ve learned that I’m always playing with numbers, taking statistics, and generating graphs and charts, and it’s become a game they enjoy.

  • Total number of raffle tickets awarded throughout the year
  • Breakdown of raffle tickets awarded each month
  • Total number of raffle tickets awarded in each behaviour category
  • Highest number of tickets earned by an individual

There is usually some anticipation and perhaps a bit of cheering with some of the announcement. Often, I’m able to offer a small prize along with the recognition of the top earner. He or she always gets a printed certificate and some stickers, at the very least. I can also use the monthly (and sometimes weekly) breakdown as a way to recap the year, using the high numbers to recall how wonderfully they all worked in the weeks before the science fair, or how we solved the problems the influenced the month with the lowest number.

Then it’s on to the prize draw. Usually, I keep all my ticket stubs in a large glass jar on my desk. If possible, I get a real celebrity to draw the winner: the principal, if he’s available, or else the beloved lady from the front desk when he is otherwise occupied.

For the children, the great moment is at hand. They all shuffle through their pile of raffle tickets, for even though I’ve tracked all the information through the stubs, the rule that they must present the ticket to win encourages responsibility. They are on the edge of their seats.

I, on the other hand, am leaning back comfortably in my chair, satisfied at a year long lesson plan come to fruition.

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A Year of Prizes Part II

by ticketprinting on April 22, 2011

The Raffle Ticket Game in Action in Your Classroom

Now that you’ve created the rules of your raffle ticket game and explained them to your students, you’re ready to start distributing tickets. For the first week, your students will probably be really excited every time a raffle ticket is received. Make sure they store their tickets in a safe place. You should keep the stubs, but they must fill them out and be responsible for the tickets, too.

Here are some fun games to play after the first week, when they have accumulated enough tickets to have a collection.

Raffle Ticket Bingo: Create a unique grid for each student. Depending on the number of tickets you intend to distribute, it may be small or large. Five by five is a good size. Randomly write a number from 01 to 99 in each square. Students can cross off a square if the last 2 digits of one of their tickets matches the number on that square.

Raffle Ticket Math Games: Whatever level of math you’re working on, you can create a game tailored for your students. If they are young and still mastering addition and subtraction, ask them to pick a ticket and use the numbers on that ticket to create a true math statement. Or, you can ask your older students to focus on just the last two or three numbers and play a game where you state a mathematical condition (e.g. odd, divisible by 3, prime) and award a point to the first person to correctly identify a number on their card that fulfills that condition. Raffle tickets are, of course, at their most basic, random number generators. Create games using random numbers, which will, of course, favour the students who have the most random numbers to work with, and motivate your students to collect even more of these random numbers.

Top Earner: You may wish to recognize and reward the student who has earned the most tickets in a single week. You can also create a graph, so students can view a running tally of everyone’s numbers, which dovetails nicely with the math lesson. The youngest children will learn a lesson just from adding marks to a chart. High school students can perform statistical analysis on the numbers.

The Weekly or Monthly Draw: Depending on how long you wish to run the raffle (I do it throughout the entire school year) and how much you wish to spend on prizes, you can offer a slightly larger ticket item as a prize in a mini-draw one a week or once a month. One inexpensive treat I use is a mini pizza party for the winner with me and a few of his or her friends, my treat.

Next Week: The Grand Finale Prize Draw

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What about the Children?

by ticketprinting on April 1, 2011

Printing Raffle Tickets for Educational Fundraising

If your local schools could use some extra funding, you know that it’s time to mobilize the youth army: prepare those kids to go out and bring in the cash that keeps their school great. And while selling cookies, candies, and other items can be a great draw, a large percentage of your profits will actually go toward paying the companies that provide those items.

A better solution? Organise your own raffle with donated prizes and keep one hundred percent of the profits!

Start off on the right foot by asking around: what prizes would people most like to win? What prizes can you most easily get donated? Then, print your own raffle tickets online and start selling.


Motivate the kids with a second raffle, one only open to saleskids, where the tickets are free. The catch? You earn one raffle ticket per a certain amount of money raised. For instance, kids can earn one raffle ticket for each ten dollars they bring in. This method works better than rewarding the top sellers. Rather than having a few kids in competition for the prize, every child knows that he or she has the possibility of winning.

You can also increase your overall sales with special deals. Have your printed tickets stapled into booklets of ten and offer a discount to those who purchase an entire booklet. You’ll be amazed at how fast those booklets go. Another tactic is to offer a “free fill-in service” to those spending a certain amount of money. If supporters purchase, say, forty dollars’ worth of tickets, the kids will fill in their contact information on each ticket, to save them the effort. Those who care about the school will be easily persuaded to buy an extra booklet to earn that service.

With the proper prizes and a few hundred children determined to win the top prize (make sure it’s a good one) you’ll find that selling raffle tickets really is child’s play!

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Coming Soon!

by ticketprinting on March 7, 2011

The Raffle Ticket Printing blog and Ticket River want to know about your raffles!

Are you planning a prize draw? Do you hold them regularly, or have you recently used our raffle tickets to host a small fundraiser with success? If so, then you and your organisation could be featured on this blog, complete with photos from your fun-filled event and lots of publicity for your group, plus extra incentives to help you make your next raffle an even bigger success!

Looking for advice from the experts? Soon, we’ll be featuring tricks of the trade from customers just like you who have found ways to earn more money with raffle fundraisers. We’ll learn what they did, how to achieve success, and what not to do in your pursuit of extra fundraising dollars. Learn from other’s mistakes along with their achievements, so you look like a seasoned professional whether you’ve run a hundred raffles or never picked up a single ticket booklet.

Have you recently completed (or are you currently engaged in running) a raffle, large or small? Would you like ot be featured on this blog? Leave us a note in comments telling us what made your prize draw so successful (or, if it was an abject failure, we’d love to hear about that and help make your next one much, much better) and we’ll be in touch. We’ll also be contacting new customers to learn how their fundraisers played out.

Nightclub Green Raffle Ticket

Ticket River and the Raffle Ticket Printing blog want to help make your next raffle the most successful your organisation has ever hosted. Starting soon, we’ll be offering even more help for fundraisers of all experience levels, so keep visiting this blog for details and more information on finding financial success.

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Warming Up to Raffle Sales

by ticketprinting on February 28, 2011

As the weather cools, your supporters grow hungry. Now is the perfect time to plan a meat raffle! Why not increase the reach of this popular, perennial standby? Rather than popping around the pub, why not plan a heart-warming event?

A barbecue, for instance, is the perfect way to bring together friends, neighbors, families, and other supporters. If a member of your organisation is willing to offer up a nice home or a large yard for the festivities, you can begin planning. Sell event tickets to cover the price of admission and make the prize draw the highlight of the festivities.

Or, consider other ways to keep your customers warm in the upcoming months.

Make the most of your prize draw. Consider other items you might like to raffle off as the seasons change. Think warm, cozy, comforting:

  • Handmade quilt or warm blanket
  • Romantic holiday weekend
  • Basket of candles, bath soaps, and massage oils
  • A cord of firewood

Be creative. Keep in mind the interests of your base. What do they want for their winter nap? Do you have a crew that might be persuaded to knit warm wool hats, socks, scarves, and mittens? Or would your supporters prefer to purchase Raffle Tickets for a chance at winning a snowmobile or a ski vacation?

Whatever you choose, now is the time to find an appropriate design online and begin printing your own Raffle Tickets. You can start selling sooner when you print online and receive fast delivery right to your doorstep.

Don’t let the falling temperature slow you down. Start heating up your fundraising efforts now!

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More Australian Raffle Law

by ticketprinting on February 22, 2011

Keep Your Raffle Legal and Learn About Australian Raffle Law

Your organisation needs to build up a bit of a nest egg, and you know the perfect way to do it: hold a raffle! Prize draws are a wonderful way to increase your exposure in the community, generate excitement and good will, and divert some extra cash into your budget. Printing your own raffle tickets online helps you realize your dream, and selling raffle tickets allows you to make friends, gauge local interest, and create new relationships for your group.

Did you know that the laws pertaining to printing and selling raffle tickets vary from state to state? The last thing you need is a legal hassle interrupting your success. Why not double check to ensure that you’re on the right side of the law.

This informative government website compiles information from all the state and territory governments into one handy document, so you can quickly check on the basic rules of your community. It also conveniently provides websites, email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and addresses, so you can instantly contact the appropriate office and find the answer to any questions you may have. The types of activities that are regulated and the permits and approvals required are clearly spelled out here.

These laws are for charities and organisations. It’s important to remember that running a private raffle for personal gain is not looked upon kindly by the law. Whenever you wish to sell raffle tickets, it’s important to follow all local laws. Begin by contacting the appropriate department of your state government and avoid any legal hassles!

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Utterly Sweet

by ticketprinting on February 7, 2011

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to consider the sweetest prizes money can buy (or your supporters can donate). Standby favourites include:

  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Spa day
  • Holiday getaway
  • Massages

For an orthodox approach to Valentine’s themed fundraising, pair these prizes with a romantic raffle ticket, which you can print online and receive in just a few days.

How about an unorthodox approach? The prizes above work well for most groups, but perhaps you wish to try something a little different. Consider ways in which you could make your supporters’ lives more comfortable, or provide them an extra avenue for romance. Busy, two-parent families, for instance, might have difficultly redeeming those massages or sensual holiday getaways, for lack of time or childcare!

What can you do for them? What about:

  • Gift Certificate for free childcare
  • Catered dinner in their home
  • Free house cleaning

Consider the reality of your supporters’ lives? What is most likely to make them feel loved and happy? If you can’t guess, why not ask? You may be surprised to find what people are willing to pay for.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect Valentine’s themed prizes, select a romantic, Valentine themed Raffle Ticket. Printing your tickets online helps save time and money so you can start selling your tickets more quickly.

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