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Raffle Ticket Templates

How Does It Feel to Win?

by ticketprinting on January 6, 2010

How Great it Feels to Win a Raffle

Have you ever won something big? Do you recall the sensations that went along with the announcement? Perhaps, first, there was disbelief, a failure to grasp your good fortune. Then, with acceptance, comes the realization. If you won a merit-based award, there is the realization that you have finally been recognized for your hard work, smart ideas, and persistence. There is the understanding that such recognition can further your career, boost your resume, impress your clients.

If you’ve ever won a raffle, lottery, or other type of prize draw, there is the triumph of overcoming the odds. You, among many who took a chance, have succeeded! You will go home with a cash sum, a new scooter, an air hockey table. Whatever it is that you’ve won, it’s a bonus, an unexpected stroke of luck.

If you’re holding your own prize draw, you may feel that benevolent power. You can bestow good fortune upon others! What a beautiful thing.

And if you’re holding your own prize draw, you too can be a winner. Experience that same sensation of good fortune and professional standing when you present yourself in the best possible light. Print your own Raffle Tickets online and keep the spotlight where it belongs: on your organisation and its spectacular decisions. Look stunning in print and begin gathering accolades!

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A Few Simple Questions

by ticketprinting on December 23, 2009

Consider the rule of journalism as applied to the printing of Raffle Tickets:

How can I print my own Raffle Tickets online?

With simplicity and ease!

Why should I print my own Raffle Tickets online?

To help my prize draw be seen in the best possible light, with high-quality printing and fine design!

When should I print my own Raffle Tickets online?

Whenever I like! The power of the Internet lets me work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where should I print my own Raffle Tickets online?

May we humbly suggest Ticket River, serving Australia from coast to coast?

What should I print on my Raffle Tickets?

Anything I want!

Who should print their own Raffle Tickets online?

I should, if I want to look spectacular, earn more money, and take advantage of the power of the prize draw!

Does that answer your questions?

Need to know more? Just ask your fabulous ticket girl, care of this blog!

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Need a Hand?

by ticketprinting on December 8, 2009

Ring up Customer Support


1 800 796 003


We pride ourselves on creating a website that’s user-friendly and self-explanatory, but sometimes you need an extra helping hand, and that’s just fine. When you need a little more information about printing your own Raffle Tickets, our customer service personnel are available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, seven days a week. Ticket River wants to provided you with whatever you need to purchase proper Raffle Tickets for your charity, business, or personal fundraising effort.

Wondering about the difference among various types of card stock? Customer Service is waiting to help you! Wonder how to find the proper design for your event? Customer Service is there! And for those of you who don’t care to place large orders online, or without that personal touch, our Customer Service agents are happy to solve your problem.

As always, I, your fabulous ticket girl, will answer any and all questions in my blog comments, but if time is of the essence and you need to speak to someone right away, have no fear. In that case, don’t be shy! Our friendly representatives are waiting for you to dial up the Customer Service Hotline. The solutions to all your printing problems and raffle-related riddles are waiting for you.

Internet business need not feel cold or distant. We don’t want to blur the between convenience and impersonal service. We’re prepared to help you, in real time, as soon as you pick up the phone. You don’t enjoy frustration, and we don’t want to cause it! Let Customer Service solve your problems. Call today!

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How Do I Do That?

by ticketprinting on November 23, 2009

How to Create Your Own Raffle Tickets Online

No need for intimidation!

Creating your own Raffle Tickets online is a simple process. Self-explanatory. But I’m going to explain it to you anyway!

Every TicketRiver Raffle Ticket has its own page, complete with a ticket template. This is your guideline. Of course, you can fill out the ticket template in any way that makes sense to you. But just in case, we offer suggestions for each line, so there’s no way you’ll forget any pertinent details.

You’ll want to include:

  • The name of your organisation
  • The name of your raffle or event
  • Descriptions of all your prizes
  • The price of the Raffle Ticket
  • The date, time, and location of the drawing

You’ll also want to choose a start number. Individual numbering on Raffle Tickets helps you prevent ticket fraud. You can start at 0001 if you want, or you can pick any random number. Would-be criminals will never know your intentions, but you can see if a fake ticket falls outside your ticket run.

If you’ve chosen a ticket template that allows you to upload a custom image, adding your image is as easy as attaching a file to an email. Just click “browse” in the “choose a file to upload” section. You’ll see a pop-up window, which shows you your hard drive. Just click on the image and it automatically uploads to your ticket template. It helps if the image is a perfect square.

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What Do We Talk About…

by ticketprinting on November 16, 2009

…when we talk about Raffle Tickets?

High-Quality Raffle Tickets

When I talk about fine design, I mean that the imagery and layout is created by a professional artist with a flair for design. Simple or complicated, themed or all-purpose, a Raffle Ticket that features fine design is eye-catching, attractive, and readable.

When I talk about high-resolution, photorealistic printing, I mean that the Raffle Ticket is printed on a state-of-the-art digital printer to provide that most accurate and flawless reproduction of the ticket design, along with perfect representation of any custom images you have uploaded to the ticket template.

When I talk about high-quality card stock, I mean thick, luxurious, sturdy paper, something along the lines of your business cards. The best card stock can be cut with smooth (not sharp!) edges. It feels substantial. Your Raffle Tickets last as long as you need.

When I talk about high-quality Raffle Tickets, I mean your Raffle Tickets go above and beyond a boring, generic roll of paper with some numbers printed on it. I’m talking about a small, beautiful, well-reproduced work of art, which helps your organisation share its message and earn more money!

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Chances Are

by ticketprinting on November 9, 2009

Save Money by Printing Raffle Tickets Online

You do the math.

How much money do you spend on fundraising? How much of a return on your investment do you earn per dollar spent?

Raffle Tickets may cost as little as $.06 per ticket. Depending on the value of your prizes, you can earn hundreds of times that amount for every ticket sold! Since most charity prize draws rely on donated prizes and volunteer sales teams, the cost of printing your Raffle Tickets is the only outlay. After that, every dollar goes back to your organisation.

The Benefits of a Prize Draw

  • Earn more money with less investment
  • Create goodwill in the community
  • Spread your message along new channels
  • Reach new donors
  • Improve the image of your organisation

When you print your own Raffle Tickets online, you know that you’re getting the best deal: high quality printing, low cost, and the perfect product every time. Raffle Tickets are among the best investments charities and not-for-profit organisations can make. The return is phenomenal!

Prize draws take the guesswork out of searching for donations. You know how many tickets you need to sell to reach your goals! There’s no ringing strangers or begging involved. Just let your prizes speak for themselves and watch those Raffle Tickets fly out of your hands.

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by ticketprinting on October 13, 2009

Let’s examine the major players in your upcoming prize draw:

  • You: Whether you call yourself an administrator, an organiser, or a volunteer, you are command central of the operation. It will be your job to coordinate the raffle and designate tasks. You may have to corral the sales crew, talk to donors, or design and print your own Raffle Tickets.
  • Your boss: Unless you’re the boss, mostly likely someone is dictating some of the decisions to you. You may have a lot of autonomy, but you will also have to please your superiors and may need approval at different stages of the game.
  • Your donors: Most organisations will need to seek out contributions, especially of prizes. Make a list of those who have helped you out in the past, along with local celebrities, businesses, and groups who may be interested in donating time, money, or prizes to your cause. Then start networking with them to see what they are willing to offer you!
  • Your sales team: Whether they’re volunteers, professionals, or family members you’ve roped into helping, you’ll need a dependable crew to help you sell those Raffle Tickets. They’re representing your organisation! Make sure they can present themselves well and discuss your cause intelligently.
  • Your customers: Anyone you meet can fall into this category. Most likely you have a list of supporters, or an idea of locations where you can find new ones. Remember, your prize draw is an opportunity for you to spread your message to a new group. Even if they don’t buy Raffle Tickets, they can still learn what you want to teach. But if you’ve printed beautiful Raffle Tickets, attractively priced, with exciting prizes for a good cause, why wouldn’t they buy?

And of course, when all is said and done, don’t forget the people you will be helping with the proceeds of your raffle! We’re all in this together!

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by ticketprinting on October 6, 2009

Raffle Tickets Help Raise Money at Events

If you already knew everything about prize draws, chances are you wouldn’t be here. So allow me, if I may, to wax philosophical for a moment. If you asked me, “Why Raffle Tickets?” I could be flip and answer, “Why not?”

Or, I could explain.

There are plenty of ways to raise money for your cause. Some organisations favour chocolate sales, or silent auctions, or 10k charity races, or sumptuous gala balls. Some organisations like to do it all. And the beauty of Raffle Tickets is that they seamlessly enhance all your fundraising activities.

It’s quite proper, if you choose, to hold a prize draw on its own. It’s simple enough to print your own Raffle Tickets and sell them to a select group, and not terribly difficult to rally enough publicity that your tickets find a wider market. However, you can make the most of any event by adding a prize draw.

Just Add a Raffle

Not only does this ensure you a large audience of potential customers for your Raffle Tickets, it eliminates the need for separate advertising. If you are already sending out a thousand Invitations to a party, you might as well add that you will be selling chances at winning cash or prizes. You can start selling your Raffle Tickets well in advance of the event, and continue selling them at the door. Keep selling up until the height of the festivities. Then, when you have everyone’s attention, select your winners while everyone watches. It’s a brilliant addition to your event, guaranteed to raise the excitement level and leave your guests happy.

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Your Move!

by ticketprinting on September 27, 2009

Buy High-Quality Raffle Tickets

Against all odds, a website has launched more or less according to schedule. I’m as astounded as anyone else, but Ticket River is live, taking orders for gorgeous, colorful, affordable Raffle Tickets, so you can make this year’s prize draw the most profitable one yet! Well-designed, high-quality Raffle Tickets simply sell better than boring, generic ticket rolls. The fact that Ticket River can process your order in twenty-four hours and ship your Raffle Tickets anywhere across Australia is just icing on the cake.

I know that some people feel like ordering items online is scary or risky, but, believe me, it’s not. Ticket River’s ticket templates are incredibly easy to fill out, and their secure payment system ensure that you can order with confidence.

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Here it Comes…

by ticketprinting on September 23, 2009

Order and Print Raffle Tickets Online

…wait for it.

I don’t mind taking a chance by buying a Raffle Ticket to support a wonderful cause, and I know you can always up the odds by holding your own prize draw. One thing I never gamble with, though, is announcing the launch of a new web site.

Ticket River’s new online gallery is almost here. I can’t make any promises, because one never knows, but it shouldn’t be too long before I’m announcing a new way to order and print Raffle Tickets online in Austalia. Choosing your designs and filling out your tickets templates will be a breeze. Buying beautiful Raffle Tickets has never been easier.

Keep checking this space for more details!

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