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Raffle Ticket Templates

A Touch of Class

by ticketprinting on April 27, 2010


You’ve worked hard to achieve it. You’ve developed a reputation for elegance and class. You don’t need to throw it out the window just because the economy’s turned against you. Charities and organisations can maintain their dignity through any fundraising effort; it’s simply a matter of presenting yourself with exquisite taste.

Wine Raffle Ticket

The Wine Raffle Ticket

You wouldn’t neglect to decorate the venue where you held a large event. You’d never step out of the house without dressing yourself to perfection. Why wouldn’t you to the same standards? Prize draws need not be dingy affairs conducted with generic paper scraps under dubious conditions. They should be as dazzling and glamourous as the rest of your business, and that elegance begins with a lovely print job.

Blue Skies Raffle Ticket

Blue Skies Raffle Ticket

Select an image that represents you, your cause, and your supporters. We’ll print it on high quality card stock with high resolution digital printing for a look that’s sharp, clear, and sophisticated. Professional quality printing is surprisingly inexpensive, but no one needs to know. When you look like a million pounds, no one asks you how much you’ve spent!

Gala Raffle 001

Gala Raffle Ticket

So dress up your prize draw! Choose a Raffle Ticket that’s as lovely as you are. Order with confidence and your head held high. Then go out and start making more money.

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Serious about the Earth

by ticketprinting on April 24, 2010

If your supporters and customers are interested in environmental causes, natural beauty, or the great outdoors, capitalise on their predilections with a Raffle Ticket that celebrates the splendour of our world. The Nature Series offers you four stunning landscapes on customisable Raffle Tickets, which can be ordered alone, or with their matching Event Kits.

Choose a vibrant Green Leaves theme to summon up the lushness of the forest after a spring shower; the Ocean theme, illustrating with the calm blue of the open water on a clear day; a Desert Raffle Ticket in sere yellow, reminiscent of summer’s heat and the exotic landscapes of Arabia; or the stark, wintry beauty of the snowy high-altitude landscape of the Mountain Event Kit.

When selling Raffle Tickets is your goal, a proper image can give you the proper edge! Select these natural lovelies, or choose from over 500 different designs to speak directly to your consumer audience. Attractive images catch the eye and the heart, helping you make more money.

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What to Print…

by ticketprinting on April 2, 2010

…when you print Raffle Tickets

Now is not the time to be coy! UK gaming law requires you to spell it all out, and indeed, printing your own Raffle Tickets with intuitive Raffle Ticket templates makes it easy to get all that information right where it belong: on the body of your Raffle Ticket.

  • By Law you must include your registered charity number as well as the organisation under which you’ve received your licence to hold the prize draw. You must also include descriptions of the top three prizes, the cost of the Raffle Tickets, and the time and location of the actual draw. Of course you need to name your charity or organisation.
  • In addition you must number your Raffle Tickets individually and provide space on the ticket stub for your supporters to write their names, addresses, and phone numbers or email addresses. If your prize draw is to be help in conjunction with a larger event, or if it is an annual drawing, you should add the name of the event!

Now you’ve included all the information that potential supporters want, as well as everything the government needs. But you needn’t worry about remembering it at all! Just find the design you like online and the ticket template will guide you through, with suggestions as to where each piece of information should go, so you won’t miss a thing.

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April is Upon Us!

by ticketprinting on March 30, 2010

Now is an excellent time to consider printing Raffle Tickets for events in April.

Churches and religious organisations can still organise Easter-themed fundraisers. As you celebrate the season of spiritual rebirth, consider asking members and supporters to contribute to a small prize draw. Choose inspirational prizes, such as bibles or retreats. While you may not want to tie your charity efforts directly into your Easter observance, it may make sense to begin the campaign when you have everyone’s attention next Sunday.

Spring Fling Raffle Ticket

There is still quite a bit of time left to order your Anzac Day tickets. While dawn services and parades draw big crowds in centralised locations, your charity can benefit by selling Anzac Day Raffle Tickets, which match the rest of the Anzac Day Event Kit. These tickets even allow you to customise and brand yourself when you upload your own logo or custom image.

Anzac Day Raffle Ticket

Or, simply begin planning a prize draw using the resources at hand, to sell to any group at any event! As winter approaches, your group may be instrumental in lifting the hopes of the community. Let your ticket sales benefit those around you: your supporters can reap as much gain from your prize draw as those who will receive the fruits of your labor.

April is an excellent time to start designing and printing your own Raffle Tickets online! It’s fast, easy, and, when you chose attractive, colourful, inexpensive tickets, a surefire way to earn more money for your group.

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Pros and Cons

by ticketprinting on March 16, 2010

The Benefit of Printing Raffle Tickets Online

There are those who decline to do business online. They feel that convenience is no substitute for human contact, that computers lack the sensitivity to provide personalized security, that they simply must be able to ring up their printer with last-minute corrections. But I’m here to tell you that printing your own Raffle Tickets online is nothing to worry about!

Simple user interface makes it easy to point and click. Forget about printer error! With online printing, what you see is what you get. No one ever has the opportunity to mess up your order. Encrypted security in the payment process is actually safer than providing your sensitive information to a human being: no one will ever see your details! (Computers never commit identity fraud.) And, for the worried sorts, there’s always customer service. Just ring up the toll free hotline if you have a problem.

The benefits of printing Raffle Tickets online are massive. You can order Raffle Tickets any time of the day or night, whenever it’s convenient to you. You don’t need shoes, or pants. You need not brush your teeth, comb your hair, or apply makeup.

With online printing, your proofs are generated immediately. The moment you decide upon your design and enter your raffle details, you can view a full-sized, full-colour mockup of your Raffle Ticket, exactly as it will appear when printed. You Raffle Tickets will print and ship with a day or so. It’s terribly simple. So go with the pros and don’t get conned! Print your Raffle Tickets online and play it safe.

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Of the Century?

by ticketprinting on February 22, 2010

Easily Print Tickets Online For Small Raffles

The Raffle of the Century? Perhaps not. Maybe it’s just a small, intimate affair, where you can get away with in-jokes and light teasing.

You probably already know how easy it is to print your own Raffle Tickets online, and with so many stunning Raffle Tickets from which to choose, you may be tempted to turn any occasion into a prize draw! School teachers, office managers, and business owners can all increase morale and turn an ordinary work day into a festive occasion with a small prize draw. Why not raffle off lunch with a popular personality in the school or workplace, or an intimate pizza lunch or doughnut breakfast with a select group of friends?

Printing your own Raffle Tickets is a spectacular start to any fundraising efforts. It helps instill a spirit of hope and joy into any situation. If your organisation is struggling to keep its head above water, just order some Raffle Tickets and start selling!

Just make sure your prizes are in the realm of appropriate. Some examples of things one ought NOT to raffle off:

  • Stolen office supplies
  • Admin passwords
  • Keys to restricted areas

Certainly, it may be tempting to offer up the office slacker as a prize, but this is not an appropriate way to get rid of him. Nor is it appropriate to fix the draw so that this individual is sent on a trip to Tahiti, with no return ticket.

Instead, let your small office or school raffle celebrate the diversity of the workplace! Offer prizes that benefit everyone. For instance: perhaps the mailroom has a few cubic yards of packing material they would care to donate to the effort. The winner may take it upon him or herself to fill the slacker’s cubicle with their winnings.

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Just So You Know

by ticketprinting on February 15, 2010

Save Time and Print Raffle Tickets Online

If you like to do it yourself, you know whom to blame when something goes wrong. The self-reliant tend to be self-checkers, automatic proofreaders, measure-twice-and-cut-once kind of folks. They like to do it themselves so they know it’s done right, and they kick themselves when they don’t live up to their expectations.

Printing your own Raffle Tickets online lets you do the important part—adding your own event details—yourself, while you leave the art and the layout to experts. The ticket template even provides suggestions for how to arrange your information, so you’re sure to include everything your supporters need to know.

And then, just to be certain that you’ve got it right, the ticket template generates a virtual Raffle Ticket proof. With a single click, you’ve gone from a theoretical Raffle Ticket to an exact mockup: an image showing exactly what your printed order will look like. You can double-check your own work, so there’s no excuse, and no reason to kick anyone.

Virtual ticket proofs streamline the Raffle Ticket printing process and let you place you order with assurance. You’ll know exactly what you’ve created and exactly what will turn up when your order is shipped out to you. So go ahead, do it yourself!

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Something Sweet

by ticketprinting on January 26, 2010

Sell Raffle Tickets to Make Valentines Day More Profitable

Valentine's Day Raffle 003

Fancy a little sugar? Sweeten up your organisation’s cash box with a romantic Raffle Ticket celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. It’s a delectable way to raise money when love is in the air. Valentine’s Day prize draws help you set the mood for something special. How are you going to help your supporters feel that air of seduction this season? Time to start thinking like a lover. There’s something for every budget.

Big Raffles

  • Island Holidays
  • Jacuzzis
  • Spa Weekends

Too rich for you? Money can’t buy love, after all. Fear not. Fortune favors the bold! You’ll go far with less.

Small Raffles

  • Chocolate
  • Basket of Bath Products
  • Massage Book with Massage Oils
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Flowers

Start selling Valentine’s Day Raffle Tickets now and take advantage of the romance brewing everywhere.

Red Rose Raffle Ticket

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Take a Chance

by ticketprinting on January 20, 2010

Add Excitement to Fundraising by Printing Raffle Tickets

We will be honest: while some of us will always adore the old staples such as bake sales, spaghetti dinners, and pancake breakfasts, when your supporters are cutting carbs from their diets, you’re not likely to make much money with starch-based fundraisers. But donations are down in the economic slump. You need a way to raise the excitement level in your fundraising efforts. Have you considered printing your own Raffle Tickets online?

Raffle Tickets are:

  • Low cost
  • Low fat
  • High energy
  • Ideal for expanding your influence

There’s simply nothing like a prize draw: it’s the ultimate fundraiser, whatever you want it to be. You choose the prizes offered based on your donors’ means and your supporters’ desires. You chose the ticket price, the length of the draw, and the type of event you will hold when you’ve reached (or surpassed) your sales goals and are ready to distribute those prizes. You are in control.

If you’re ready to change the way your charity does business, consider taking the leap today. Make a small investment and take a small chance: reap the rewards in a big way, with big returns and big publicity. It’s time to expand your range and your operating budget! It’s time to consider Raffle Tickets.

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By the Numbers

by ticketprinting on January 11, 2010

Printing your own Raffle Tickets?

You’re in luck! Standard safety features help you keep your prize draw secure and give you all the control you need to sell with confidence, and additional measures are available for those who require greater security. Details that may help prevent fraud include:

  • Unique Design
  • Barcodes
  • Watermarks
  • Perforated Stubs
  • Thick Card Stock
  • UV technology
  • Pressure-sensitive stamps
  • Individual numbering

Individual numbering provides you with even more safety because you can choose your own range. For instance, if you intend to print and sell 500 Raffle Tickets, you could decide to number your tickets sequentially from 1 to 500. On the other hand, no one knows how many tickets you intend to print and sell. You can add an extra measure of security by numbering your tickets with an element surprise. Start the count at, say, 2,378 and let it run to 2,878. If you come across a ticket numbered 873 or 2,901, you know right away that it’s not part of your order. It’s a fraud!

Most of the time, you will only encounter honest customers, but every so often, a bad apple turns up. Security features such as sequential numbering started anywhere you please can help you stop criminal in their tracks while protecting the integrity of your prize draw.

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