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Raffle Ticket Templates

A Year of Prizes: Part I

by ticketprinting on April 8, 2011

Print Raffle Tickets to Keep Your Students Motivated

Educators looking for fun and easy ways to help put the fun back into fundamentals can use a variety of tactics to keep the learning process fun. Using raffle tickets is one way that I’ve discovered to help my students stay on task and encourage reluctant learners to take greater responsibility. This is my four-part plan, which has been really successful in the past.

Part one: Print the Raffle Tickets, Create the Rules

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to employ an online raffle ticket printer, a company that allows you to use their designs and add your personalised text to an online ticket template. These are inexpensive and ship quickly to your door. You can choose from hundreds of images, or add your own images right to the ticket template. These tickets should be perforated, so you can easily tear off the stub, which will be used for different drawings all year long.

Or, you can challenge your students to create some designs and use these images to print your own tickets from your home computer.

The important part is that each ticket should have its own, discreet, serialised numbering. The unique numbers are what allow you to use the raffle tickets for various purposes throughout the year.

Then, consider which behaviors you would like to reward. I have identified a number of places where raffle tickets helped my students achieve more. You can award one raffle ticket every time a student:

• Turns in homework on time
• Earns a high score on a test or on written work
• Obeys a rule that you are having difficulty enforcing
• Acts socially responsible by cleaning up after others or confronting bullies
• Passes a benchmark

Really, you can reward any behaviors you like. Print a lot of raffle tickets, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pass them out.

Next week: Share the good news about raffle tickets!

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Let There Be Songs

by ticketprinting on March 26, 2011

Musical Raffle Tickets

It’s time to support the arts!

For the local symphony, independent musicians, or orchestras dedicated to classical music, making ends meet can be a struggle, and arts programs are often the first thing to go under the knife when money gets tight. When funding is cut, it’s up to private citizens to keep worthy programs running in the black. You don’t need to arrange an expensive black tie fundraiser (although it can’t hurt) to bring in some extra cash. In fact, you can make more money by seeking out more people to make smaller donations.

Potential donors are everywhere. Just go out and find them.

Where? In the park, at arts festivals, listening to buskers downtown. Wherever people congregate, you can build your funds.

How? By printing your own raffle tickets online, using an economical, music-themed raffle ticket template:

Symphony Raffle

This is just one example. You’ll find plenty more online, and printing online means that you can get more raffle tickets for less money. With donated prizes for the draw, your initial outlay is minimal, and the sky’s the limit for profits. With the proper prizes, you can sell tickets for one dollar, or five, or ten. Get your raffle tickets stapled into booklets and offer a discount on books of ten. You’ll sell far more tickets, and sell them faster.

Keeping the arts alive isn’t hard. It just takes time and money, and if you’re dedicated to your mission, you can raise more money to keep the music alive.

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by ticketprinting on February 7, 2011

Sell Themed Raffle Tickets for Valentine’s Day Excitement

Planning a Valentine’s Day event? It’s not to late to monetise that celebration with some romantic prizes for a Valentine’s themed prize draw!

Selling Raffle Tickets at the party is a sweet way to create a little extra romance and excitement at your gathering, especially for charitable events where the money will go to a good cause. But any raffle will spice up the evening, and offering just the right prizes heightens you chance of success.


  • Flowers
  • Spa day
  • Massages
  • Chocolate
  • Romantic holiday
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate

Or, think outside the box and find ways to connect with your guests through their own interests, allowing them to create romance that suits the situation. How about:

  • Gift certificates for books, golf, gasoline, whatever will help your crowd relax
  • Coupons for babysitters or pet sitters so they can get away
  • Romantic music on CD or MP3

Be creative. You know your guests. What turns them on? When you know what motivates them, you can start printing your own Raffle Tickets online, choosing an appropriate design from among the most romantic ticket templates. Once your tickets have been shipped, you can even start selling them in advance of the event.

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Ski Australia

by ticketprinting on August 9, 2010

Use Winter Themes to Sell Raffle Tickets 

With winter’s end approaching, your supporters’ thoughts may turn to fitting in one last schuss in whatever powder they can find, and you can capitalise on this love of downhill with a winter or ski-themed prize draw.

Nature Series Mountain Raffle

Consider the possibilities. Many prizes suggest themselves for such a raffle, and you can set it up as one draw with many prizes, or in tiers, with different ticket prizes depending on the value of the prizes.

Expensive Prizes

  • New skis
  • High quality anorak
  • Area lift pass with insurance
  • Resort hotel nights

Inexpensive Prizes

  • Knit Ski Hat
  • Gloves
  • Local lift pass
  • Hot cocoa mix

Of course, these are mere suggestions. If your prize draw is to be held amongst a gathering of skiers who have just come in from the slopes, they may be happy to win a mug of hot buttered rum or a hand-knit scarf. If you’ll be selling Raffle Tickets at home, you may wish to play up the exoticism of the big prizes, such as the trip to Thredbo.

Involving local merchants can give you the chance to expand the possibilities, particularly if you know of a shop that specializes in outdoor gear. Gift certificates to such businesses increase your reach, since your prizes can still reflect the interests of those who aren’t particularly interested in skiing.

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At the height of the season, summer can feel like an endless joyride, but it’s already time to start planning your end-of-summer celebration, and, if you fancy adding a little extra money to the operating budget, it’s time to start planning your end-of-summer prize draw. Finding a proper Raffle Ticket for the affair is all part of the fun.

Whether you’re planning your parish’s annual Summer Fair or scheduling a golf tournament, you can find the perfect Raffle Ticket to accompany your summer celebration. Create a themed prize draw to go along with your planned activities, or sell tickets for chances to win high interest prizes.

Even small prizes can generate great interest. If you are to sell Raffle Tickets to the sun-and-sand set down at the shore, you may be tempted to invest in big prizes such as Jet Skis or boats, but consider your audience. Perhaps they’d be more willing to purchase less expensive tickets for a chance to win items such as boogie boards or even plastic shovels and pails for their children. Similarly, your golf-themed event could generate a lot of interest if you are to award a complete set of new clubs, but if your cause is a good one, you may get almost the same mileage from a gift basket of new golf balls, tees, and perhaps a visor or novelty coffee mug.

Whatever you choose, do take advantage of summertime’s good vibrations. Find the holiday crowd and capitalise on their good mood and free spending ways and ensure your group’s financial solvency for another season!

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Paint Your World

by ticketprinting on July 5, 2010

Increase Sales by Printing Quality Raffle Tickets Online

If you’ve gone to the bother of reviewing your donor list, making some personal calls to acquire remarkable prizes, and organising a big gathering for your prize draw, consider taking the step of printing your own full-colour Raffle Tickets online. The cost is not much more than that of boring, generic Raffle Tickets, and the return on your investment can be great. There is just something about colourful eye-catching tickets, and great looks translate into great sales.

If your organisation already has a colour scheme, you can match it for brand recognition. Or, if your prize draw is associated with a particular season, you can choose the proper colours: red and green for Christmas, pastel for Easter. Brightly-colour flowers work well for summertime draws.

Or, research colour psychology and choose a colour that will elicit the emotional response you wish to summon. Red equals excitement, passion, and danger, while blue is a halcyon colour of peace and contentment.

You can increase the excitement level by printing beautiful Raffle Tickets online, and you can increase your exposure by printing matching publicity for your prize draw at the same time. The more people who know about your fabulous prizes, the more Raffle Tickets you’re likely to sell. Choosing Posters and Flyers with the same design provides cohesion for the event and drums up more interest in the outcome.

Full colour, full bleed printing offers an advantage: it’s more noticeable and more desirable. Brighten up your upcoming prize draw! Print your own Raffle Tickets in a dazzling rainbow.

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Have a Drink on Me

by ticketprinting on June 18, 2010

Did you know that you can use a small raffle to circumvent alcohol licensing laws throughout the United Kingdom? While both the sale of intoxicating libations and the sale of Raffle Tickets are heavily overseen throughout the country, when done correctly, you can combine these two delightful concepts into an event in which you make money through alcohol sales (in a roundabout way) and your guests get to put a few drinks in them, for a good cause.

Recall, of course, that you do not require government oversight for a small prize draw held in a confined location amongst a particular group of people: those who patronise a particular shop or pub on a certain day, or employees of a small business. You can sell Raffle Tickets to your particular group, at a particular time, in a particular venue, without going through the Gaming Commission. Do be sure to read up on the rules and ascertain whether your prize draw falls into the proper categories before you decide to forgo a visit to the Commission.

As you know, it is illegal to sell alcohol without a licence. It is not, however, illegal to offer alcohol as a prize in a contest! Therefore, you can earn money at a charity event by selling Raffle Tickets and offering drinks as prizes.

Some offer a single drink as a prize, which means you can offer many prizes and draw out the suspense. Or, you could help everyone get their drinks more quickly by using bottles as prizes. In theory, the winner would pour out draughts for each of their friends and the evening’s festivities can get underway with greater haste.

Consider your guests. Would they prefer an evening of drinking to another kind of entertainment? Whether they genuinely want to help your cause, or simply show up for a beer, selling alcohol Raffle Tickets can help turn your dry and dusty event into a rousing success!

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Football Fever

by ticketprinting on June 15, 2010

Sell Football Raffle Tickets During the World Cup

Ready to score big fund raising dollars and cash in on the delirious madness of the World Cup? Now would be a proper time to organise a prize draw and create your own football-themed Raffle Tickets. If everyone you know is glued to the television and cheering Australia on, you can draw their attention to your cause during the commercials, and tempt them with World Cup prizes:

  • Regulation Game Balls
  • World Cup T shirts
  • Team Books
  • Team Posters

Selling Raffle Tickets is a matter of marrying smart prizes to a worthy cause, and you can tie the knot with just the right ticket template–something that grabs the eye and perhaps, starts the heart pounding. And, if your audience already have their hearts bound up in the spirit of the match, a Football Raffle Ticket is the perfect way to bring them into the spirit of your charity efforts.

Football Raffle Ticket

Share your love of the game and your love of worldwide athletic competition when you sell Football Raffle Tickets this month. Fit all the action you can into a little perforated piece of brightly-coloured and individually numbered piece of high quality card stock: your customised Football Raffle Ticket.

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World Cup Raffle!

by ticketprinting on June 11, 2010

In Humberside some lucky raffle ticket holder went home with a World Cup match ball after attending the North Cave Flower Festival. What a prize! You may not have access to the match ball, but if you want to capitalise on football fever, it’s not too late to print up some raffle tickets and start selling them for your prize draw.

Besides match balls, consider other inexpensive prizes such as:

  • Team tee shirts
  • England Team fan books
  • A selection of flags
  • Team pennants

Then, print out a run of raffle tickets and start selling! Be sure to make the rounds of all the pubs and parties where your community are likely to watch the games. If possible, bring some of the prizes with you so people can see what they may win. Come prepared to discuss your cause, explaining where the money will go and how purchasing a raffle ticket will contribute to charity.

Be prepared to wait for a commercial to make your pitch!

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Not a Chance

by ticketprinting on May 10, 2010

Eliminate Errors by Printing Raffle Tickets Online

Printing is, as they say, a “trust buy.” You have to trust that what you’ve paid for will match precisely the item that’s delivered. In many cases, if it’s not, there is no time to try again. Printing needs to be perfect, every time.

That’s why high-resolution printing is so important for your customised Raffle Tickets. It allows for sharp, exact reproductions every time.

But even before your order goes to press, you have ample opportunity to get it right. When you create, order, and print your Raffle Tickets online, you have final approval at every step of the operation.

  • Choose your design
  • Enter your details
  • Approve your proof
  • Select shipping

That’s all there is to it. You can pay your balance online, and your order will be shipped out in a few days, so you can start selling Raffle Tickets.

The simplicity lies in the ticket template and the instant proof. Each design comes complete with a simple ticket template: a layout into which you can type your information. Numbered, with suggestions for which information to enter into which box, these templates make it easy to mock up your Raffle Ticket. All you have to do is make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly.

And, with instant proofs, you can see immediately what your finished product will look like. Don’t approve? Just go back and start again. You don’t have to buy anything you don’t trust will be perfect!

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