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When planning your next big fundraiser, there’s no need to completely start from scratch. Of course, we want to be creative and original, but there are so many ideas out there that we might not think of. They could go great with your next event!

While social media can be a big time waster for some, if you plan strategically, it can really help in the brainstorming process. Here are a few tips to get started.

  • Know what you’re looking for. Starting with a plan in place for general ideas can help you stay focused. Write down a few keywords that have to do with your topic, then #hashtag your words and search Twitter and Instagram.

  • Set a timer. Since it’s easy to get lost in social media world, set a time limit for yourself (maybe 30 minutes to an hour). That way, if you get some good ideas, it didn’t take too long, and if you don’t find anything, you didn’t waste too much time.

  • Stay organized. Have a plan in place to keep all of these great ideas. Start a folder in your web browser or your own board on Pinterest.

So now we need to explore  the various social media outlets. We’ll focus on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pinterest: Wedding planners love Pinterest for its countless ideas. Event planning is the same. Use your search terms to find pictures, links, and ideas used by other event planners. Pinterest is great because you can organize your ideas the same way you would if you were putting together a scrapbook. Pin ideas to one board or multiple boards to reference yourself and share with others.

Instagram:  Instagram is a ton of fun when it comes to posting cool pictures from your life. More and more, businesses and non-profits are getting in on the fun. A quick search will involve hashtags to point you in the right direction.

#Raffle resulted in pictures of items people have won, tickets, and posters from raffle events. #Raffleticket resulted in pictures of both tickets and items, which can be a great way to promote your event and your organization.

Twitter: Use the same #hashtags on Twitter that worked on Instagram. You won’t find as many pictures here, but you might find links to useful articles.

 Have fun, be open to new ideas, and share the ones that worked for you!

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Tips for New Non-Profits

by ticketprinting on March 10, 2014

You’ve thought of a great way to improve your community. If you have all the legal work done and a plan for your program in place, now you want to raise money so you can get started! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get your new non-profit up and running.

Know How Much Money You Need – Easy, right? As much as possible! Not so fast. Having a clear idea of how much your program will cost lets potential funders know that you are legit and you’ll spend their money wisely. This can also help you develop funding levels (i.e., if you give x amount, you’ll help x families). The clearer your vision, the easier it is to make it a reality.

Diversify Your Funding Sources – It’s easy to jump into a non-profit and think you’re going to get all of your money from grants or all of it from an event. But potential funders want to see that you’re raising money from a variety of sources and your success isn’t just dependent on them. Funding should come from businesses, foundations, and individuals.

If you’re having an event to raise money, be creative and give your supporters a variety of ways to help you out. Keeping admission prices low and offering a raffle can ensure that many will be able to attend and those who can donate will when given the opportunity. Keep it fun!

Tell Everyone – If you tend to be modest or quiet, now is not the time for that! If you are starting a new non-profit, you’ll need help from anyone who can offer it. Talk about it anywhere you can – work, school, the gym, church, the grocer, the shopping centre – you never know who might have extra time, money, or ideas. When you’re ready, share your website and facebook page with everyone. And if you’re organisation is a great idea, others will talk about it! Don’t be shy!

Yes, it’s exciting to start a new community program! Once you have the idea, it’s hard not to jump right in. Strategy is key for your organisation’s success! Having a plan in place for the money you need, recruiting a variety of funders, and talking about it as much as you possible can help you focus and start out strong.

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Asking for the Perfect Raffle Prize

by ticketprinting on January 8, 2014

When planning your fundraising event, consider organising a raffle for your donors. The thought of leaving an event with something in hand can be a fun incentive to give more money. When asking for the perfect prizes for your raffle for your fundraising event, be thoughtful and deliberate when considering your donors.

What Do Your Attendees Want?

What kind of prize might motivate a donor to buy a raffle ticket? Some people love leaving an event with a bottle of wine or a painting they’ve won. But often, people might be more willing to give money for the chance at an experience – something they weren’t expecting.

Think creatively when approaching friends of the organisation for their donation. Do you know someone who’s an expert chef that could offer to teach a one-on-one class? Does someone have a home on the ocean where a supporter could spend a holiday? Could someone offer a service like a massage or acupuncture? Give the gift of an experience!

Pitch your Organisation Succinctly

When you approach new donors, have a quick pitch ready so they understand the value of their donation. Whether you meet them in person, call them, or write them a letter, be polite and courteous. Tell them about the event and leave them with information about your organisation. If you write an email, write a catchy and specific subject line so your email is read (“Your skills can help us raise $50,000 for Autism Awareness ”).

Follow-Up for Friendship

After the event, your work is just beginning. Follow-up with a specific thank you letter to your donors. Keep it short and sweet, but mention how much their donation raised and how it contributed to a successful overall event. Let them know how it will benefit the organisation (How many vaccines will it supply? How many trees will be planted? How many art supplies can it buy?) Keeping a great relationship with donors and sincerely valuing their contributions can lead to strong relationships in the future.

As a token of friendship, send them a raffle ticket and a picture from the event. They’ll have something tangible to remember their contribution, and they’ll be ready to donate their goods or services for next year’s event.

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Six Tips on Planning a Raffle

by ticketprinting on December 24, 2013

Be Aware of Raffle Laws, Ticket Designs, and More

A raffle can be a great way to raise money for a charity or organization and have fun connecting with participants in the process. But before you jump head-first into raffle mania, you must take a step back and take a look at the nuts and bolts of planning a raffle. There are several things you must make sure are in order. Here’s a small list of what you should be mindful of.

Research raffle laws: Before doing anything prize-related with your raffle, it’s important to research your state’s raffle laws. According to eHow, each state has its own raffle laws, including laws that require event holders to have a special license to hold raffles. Neglecting to research raffle laws in your state could land you in a lot of trouble.

Apply for a raffle license: If you find out that you do, in fact, need a raffle license, make sure to apply for the license well in advance. According to Find Law, a license application could take weeks or months to be processed, so keep that in mind when planning your raffle.

Ask for legal help: If you feel you need a little more advice when it comes to raffles, make sure to find an attorney. Find Law states that raffle laws can be a little difficult and complex to understand, particularly about what is and isn’t acceptable. An attorney will give you the help you need in order to keep your event on the right—and legal—path.

Decide which raffle is best for your event: There are several types of raffle tickets you can choose from. One type of ticket design has blank spaces for participants to write their names and contact information in the event they aren’t there in person to collect their prize. Another type of ticket design has numbers which will be used to identify winners. This type of ticket is best if the raffle participants have to be present to collect their prize. Depending on what type of event you’re having, pick your tickets accordingly.

Develop a ticket-selling strategy: Getting your ticket-selling strategy developed is necessary in order to have a successful event. EHow illustrates several strategies for selling tickets, including going door-to-door, selling tickets online or selling tickets at a related, upcoming event. The strategy you decide on should reflect the audience you’re trying to attract.

Set a reasonable price for tickets: Raffle tickets should be affordable if you want to have a huge number of participants. EHow states that if your event’s prizes are donated, raffle tickets can be charged for a low price. If you have big prizes, people will be willing to pay a higher ticket price. Take a look at what types of prizes you’ll be giving away and price your tickets according. There are also ticket calculators online that you could use.

How will you plan your raffle?

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How the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre Raises Money with Raffles

Located in the Austin Hospital of Heidelberg, Melbourne, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre makes use of cutting-edge research and top of the line medical treatment, as well as working to implement support systems for cancer patients and their families, to offer the best wellness care possible in the area.

The Centre’s main goal is to piece together cancer research with treatment and cancer care in order to help offer the best care and research available with modern technology.

Not only does the Wellness Centre work to make cancer care the best it can be, they are also a major fundraiser for cancer services at Austin Health. How do they do it? One answer is through raffles.

Winning the Fight against Cancer

Raffles are just one unique way in which the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre raises very necessary funds in order to keep moving forward in the fight against cancer. With the money that the Centre raises from raffles they host throughout the year, they are able to offer top-notch care with leading technology and a great deal of compassion.

It’s easy to see why someone would want to donate to such a noble charitable cause. By hosting raffles, the Centre seeks to add some fun to the mix, thereby encouraging a greater amount of people to donate to their cause.

Not only do these raffles help to raise money for a charity that will use it for the right reasons, they also help to spread the word about the importance of the cause, i.e. winning the fight against cancer.

Promote Your Prizes

The Wellness Centre holds a variety of raffles throughout the year to raise money for their cause. Some of the incredible prizes up for grabs are items like a new Ford SZ RWD TX Territory 4.0L 6 Speed Automatic Wagon. Or, if you’d rather take the money, you can choose to get $40,000 worth of gold bullion instead!

Another prize is $2,000 shopping gift card for Coles Group, and a third prize is a Caltex petrol gift card for $1,000.

The Centre makes it easy for anyone to order raffle tickets too. Between telephone, email and mail-in forms, buying a raffle ticket and donating to the fight against cancer has been made simple AND fun.


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How to Keep Your Community Raffle Successful

by ticketprinting on July 9, 2013

The Rotary Club of Rossmoyne Hosts 2013 Community Raffle

Organising a raffle can be a real challenge. At times, it can even be downright frustrating. No matter how big or small your charitable organisation is, you’re likely to run into some issues along the way when hosting a raffle. Sometimes, overcoming those challenges can be part of the excitement. But, above all, educating yourself on what it takes to hold a successful raffle will help you immensely in the end.

Take the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne for example. This Western Australian charitable organisation holds an annual fundraising raffle to raise money for the community and other charitable projects they take on.

But just because they’ve done it before, doesn’t make this year’s raffle any easier. “Changes to laws have made conducting a raffle very difficult,” the Club states on their website.

How to Keep Your Raffle Legal

Clearly, the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne has done their raffle homework. While Australian raffle law can be confusing, it’s certainly not impossible to understand. On their website, the Rossmoyne Club mentions they have “developed a strategy which meets all the necessary legal requirements” for their community raffle.

If you’re looking to keep your own raffle on the right ride of the law, it’s best to check with your specific local Australian Gaming and Gambling Authorities.

Each territory and state in Australia has their own unique guidelines and rules when it comes to hosting a raffle legally.

Take a Tip from Rossmoyne

Since you already know the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne has managed to organise a legal raffle, why not take a look at how they’ve done it, so you know what can be done legally?

One of the most important aspects of their raffle and how it’s organised is their complete honesty about where the proceeds from the raffle ticket sales will go. Not only do they explain where every dollar they raise will go, they also explain what their organisation plans to do with it once they get it.

The Club has several major projects that they contribute to, as well as other community-valued initiatives, like Sustainable Cambodia Australia. People appreciate honesty. Being up front about exactly where the money will go when someone buys a raffle ticket is almost guaranteed to help you sell more tickets.

To avoid having to use a large part of your funds raised from the raffle for things like printing services, find a high-quality, low cost raffle ticket printing service.

That way, you can use the money you raised for community projects that truly need your help.


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How to Host a “Monster Fundraiser”

by ticketprinting on June 5, 2013

Victoria Branch of Scouts Australia Hosts Monster Scout Raffle 2013

An undeniably positive social movement, Scouting has helped to shape the development of children and young adults for no less than a century. Scouts Australia is the most successful youth organisation in the country, and the Victoria branch boasts more than 20,000 participating kids from a variety of different cultural backgrounds.

To assist the Scout Groups with raising money for their organisation, the Victoria Branch recently held the 2013 Monster Scout Raffle. The lucky prize winners were announced only a few days ago, and it seems like this is one raffle that really had its act together.

A Monster Way to Contribute

Any fundraiser knows that the validity of their cause will go a long way to encourage donors to contribute their money, no matter what the possible payoff is. While the prizes for the Monster Scout Raffle were absolutely enticing, the charitable cause behind the raffle tickets is likely one of the strongest reasons this raffle was successful.

Not only were Scouts raising money for their organisation by selling raffle tickets, they were also promoting Scouting to the general public and spreading the word about the importance of their social cause.

The Scouts also recruited new members by requesting additional information from raffle ticket buyers, and worked at developing relationships with sponsors, all while learning more about the value of money and working toward fundraising goals.

Jaw-Dropping Prizes

One of the best ways to get people more excited about your raffle is to advertise your prizes. The Monster Scout Raffle didn’t have merely a few great prizes. Ticket buyers had the chance to win one of eight incredible prizes, all valued at over $900.

  • 8th Prize – Primus Transit 50 litre portable fridge
  • 7th Prize – 2 mountain bikes ($1000 value)
  • 6th Prize – 2 high-end mountain bikes ($1,500 value)
  • 5th Prize – 2 Companion EXO Pro Tents
  • 4th Prize – $3000-worth of adventure and travel wear
  • 3rd Prize – $5000 gift card for IGA
  • 2nd Prize – Trekmaster Camper Trailer with Sunroom
  • Grand Prize – Toyota Prius C Hybrid – over $28,000 value!

Perhaps the two most important things you can do to host a monster raffle like the Scouts did is to make sure the cause you support is valuable in the eyes of the public, and take care to have some great prizes.


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You Have the Right to Host a Fabulous Raffle

by ticketprinting on May 7, 2013

The Copyright Agency Hosts Press Freedom Raffle in 2013

Whether you’re a journalist yourself or you simply support people’s right to the freedom of the press, protecting the right to report on events without being harassed or intimidated is of the utmost importance. Everyone who values the freedom of the press has an obligation to help defend those who do report, and thus, may face threats or danger.

The Copyright Agency is helping to support press freedom specifically in the Asia-Pacific region by hosting a unique raffle.

The Press Freedom 2013 raffle is not only for a great cause that affects people everywhere, it also gives you the chance to win some incredible prizes. We couldn’t think of a better reason to donate.

Where Does the Money Go?

Every dollar raised in the Press Freedom raffle will go to the Media Safety and Solidarity Fund. This important fund supports journalists and their families who are working in the Asia-Pacific region in the face of war, hardship, and other emergencies.

Supported by the donations of Australian journalists and others in the media industry, the fund was established in 2005, and is the result of a strong inter-regional collaboration.

Over the last few months, the Copyright Agency encouraged anyone who supports press freedom to help them by selling raffle tickets.

The prize-winners of the raffle will be announced at the 2013 Australian Press Freedom Media Dinner, which takes place at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney on 3 May.

The Right to Win

Three top-notch prizes will be awarded to three very lucky winners of the raffle.

  • Grand Prize: Enjoy an escape to paradise with two nights’ stay in a pool villa at the Orient-Express Jimbaran Puri Bali. And if that’s not enough for you, the prize also includes two nights in a villa at Ubud Hanging Gardens. Breakfast and return airfare included.
  •  2nd Prize: Become an amateur photographer or add to your gear with the Nikon V2, the latest addition to the Nikon 1 advanced series that includes interchangeable lenses. With superior optical technologies, the camera comes with a 10-30mm VR f3.5 – 5.6 lens.
  • 3rd Prize: Relax and kick back for a weekend at Sydney’s brand new heritage-listed 1888 hotel. Packages comes with breakfast and dinner voucher (estimated $250 value) for the renowned Bridge Room restaurant.

If the feeling of supporting a noble cause doesn’t get you, fabulous prizes like those listed above are more than enough reason to donate by buying a raffle ticket.

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How Professional Fundraisers Promote Raffle Winners and Their Prizes

In 2001, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), the body that oversees the official rules and regulations for motorsport throughout the country, started the Australian Motor Sport Foundation (AMSF). The intent of the organisation is to assist young Australian drivers who are skilled and talented reach their individual motorsport goals and promote Australia’s name in the world of motorsport.

By providing financial help to support the career growth of young Australian drivers, AMSF works to develop and assist in the management of a number of young drivers.

One way they have achieved this, recently, is through a raffle to support Australian rally driver Molly Taylor in raising money for her 2012-2013 European and World Rally Championship program.

Prize Perfection

Affectionately dubbed the “Molly Raffle,” the fundraiser sold raffle tickets for the chance to win an extremely unique and exhilarating prize, especially to anyone who’s a fan of racing and motorsport.

The prize was multi-tiered, making it all the more fabulous for many sports car enthusiasts. For the ultimate European supercar and F1 (Formula 1) experience, the prize consisted of business class travel to Switzerland for one, including accommodation for 7 nights’ stay. That, in and of itself, is quite the win.

What’s more, as if the trip to Switzerland weren’t enough, the winner has also been given an incredible selection of ‘supercars’ to drive, such as a Porsche, Lamborghini or Aston Martin.

And finally, last but not least, the winner’s final destination will be the grand Monte Carlo, where they will have the pleasure of watching the Monaco F1 Grand Prix from the ultimate comfort of a plush yacht anchored in Monaco Harbour.

Thank ALL Your Supporters

After announcing the winner of the “Molly Raffle,” AMSF thanked everyone who entered and bought raffle tickets in support of this fundraising endeavor.

This is one great example of an organisation that came up with a phenomenal prize in order to help raise money for a cause they support. Clearly, the raffle was a success, and to keep the good press flowing, AMSF promoted the winner of their raffle as well as the amazing prize.

Take it from the professionals: don’t just promote your raffle and its prizes before the winner is chosen, get the word out about the lucky person who won and the fabulous prize they’ll receive.

Next time you promote a raffle, see if it isn’t just a little bit easier to sell those tickets now that people have heard about your incredible prizes and that prosperous raffle winner.


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Where Did I Go Wrong?

by ticketprinting on February 8, 2013

How to Promote Your Raffle for a Fabulous Success

Raffles have become the proverbial workhorse for the fundraising efforts of many a charitable and non-profit organisation. Fundraisers everywhere have caught on and are using raffles to raise money for causes that are tried and true, and above all, causes they believe in.

But when it comes time to promote your raffle and raise funds for the organisation you support, it’s good to know the difference between how to promote a successful raffle, and simply going through the advertising motions.

Promoting a raffle may be a bit challenging, but with a good plan and the right implementation, the rewards will be worth much more than the effort put forth.

How to Make Your Raffle More Successful

First things first. Know what kind of organisation your raffle will raise funds for, where the funds raised will be distributed, and why that group needs to raise funds in the first place. The answers to these questions can help you immensely when you start promoting your raffle and selling raffle tickets.

Once raffle ticket sales start up, you can give your ticket sellers useful tips they can leverage that will help promote ticket sales.

For example, if you work for an organisation that honors wounded or lost soldiers, telling potential ticket buyers that the money raised from ticket sales will go to soldiers’ families can make, or break, your sale.

The next important distinction to make involves the prizes, which are perhaps the most entertaining part of any raffle.

Well Lookie What We Have Here

Let’s look at an example of a website promoting a raffle. The prizes they offer are exceptionally grand. The way they promote them is, well, not so grand. One of the best things you can do to help promote your raffle is to promote the prizes. That doesn’t mean simply explaining what they are.

Promoting prizes should be interactive for the ticket buyer (or user, in this case). Anyone even remotely interested in buying a raffle ticket should be able to click around your site and look at pictures of the prizes, so they know exactly how great the prizes are.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s extremely important to make your raffle tickets easy to buy.

That means making them available online, in person, over the phone, or however else you can manage.

The more opportunity potential buyers have to purchase raffle tickets, the more tickets you’ll sell, and the more successful your raffle will become.



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