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Saving Lives with the “I Love Life” Raffle

by ticketprinting on October 9, 2013

Heart Research Australia Holds Major Raffle

By raising funds for the crucial research into better treatment for and the prevention of heart disease, Heart Research Australia’s main goal is to fight against the devastating effects that heart disease and other similar medical conditions have on the Australian community. This charitable organisation in particular relies solely on community and corporate donations.

They focus on providing seed money for cardiac researchers to look into new areas and technologies.

The intent is to help the researchers receive grants from the likes of the National Health and Medical Research Council and other national organisations by making their work more competitive.

One of the key ways this charity is able to raise funds is through their I Love Life Raffle, which is set to draw a winner on 4 October 2013.

Is Your Organisation Charitable?

You probably already know this, but to host a legal raffle in Australia, you must be part of a charitable organisation of some sort. For example, let’s take a look at Heart Research Australia.

The current research they are funding is helping to repair injured heart muscles with stem cells, improve heart function in premature babies, and locate triggers of heart attacks, just to name a few.

In addition, Heart Research Australia funds:

  • The North Shore Cardiovascular Education Centre, offering rehabilitation and education for patients of heart disease and other conditions
  • Multiple heart research scholarships
  • Specialist research equipment and support staff

How to Host a Winning Raffle

The first prize for the I Love Life Raffle is $15,000 in gold bullion. Yes, you read that right. $15,000! The second prize is $5,000, and ticket prices start at only three for $15. The best part: the more tickets you buy, the cheaper they get! Talk about a great way to encourage bulk ticket sales.

Let Heart Research Australia’s raffle be an example for your own raffle or fundraiser. Help make a positive difference in your local community and motivate others to help inspire change in the area you care about the most.

You can contact this particular charity directly for your very own fundraising kit if you’re interested in helping them raise money for heart research.

The kit includes: ideas for fundraising, tips on how to get started, fundraising responsibilities, contact details and a list of other ways to contribute. Good luck fundraisers!

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On the Printing of Tickets

by ticketprinting on July 25, 2010

When you purchase customised Raffle Tickets, you expect high-resolution printing.

At home, you might spend fifty pounds on a toner cartridge so your child can print out full-colour images of his favourite cartoon character or holiday snaps of the friends she made over the summer. Perhaps you remember the daisy wheels and dot matrices of the past, but today’s printers need to be fast and sharp or they end up in the rubbish, just another jumble of plastic and electronics that’s outlived its usefulness. And if that’s why you expect from your home printer, how much more ought to be accomplished by a professional quality machine?

Your Raffle Tickets, professionally printed, should look even better than anything you can print at home, providing your prize draw with that air of perfection you want to bring to all your endeavors. Sharp lines, bright colours, glossy finish. These tickets are the emissaries of your organisation. No matter what you’re raffling off, or what text and images you’ve employed, the printing on your Raffle Tickets should be all business.

And under the printing, the paper on which your tickets are printed ought to be all business, too. Never thought much of paper? We measure papers grams per square meter, or gsm. Your standard paper, the paper stocked in your office, used in most office applications is between 75 gsm and 120 gsm, whereas your durable business cards are most likely 175 gsm. When you print your Raffle Tickets, you should expect coloured card stock to weight in at 175 gsm, with 165 gsm for white card stock.

Smooth matte finish or semi-gloss? It’s your choice. Either way, when you choose professionally printed Raffle Tickets, they should look as if they’ve been printed by professionals. Read your printer’s website and find out what you’re about to receive.

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Not a Chance

by ticketprinting on May 10, 2010

Eliminate Errors by Printing Raffle Tickets Online

Printing is, as they say, a “trust buy.” You have to trust that what you’ve paid for will match precisely the item that’s delivered. In many cases, if it’s not, there is no time to try again. Printing needs to be perfect, every time.

That’s why high-resolution printing is so important for your customised Raffle Tickets. It allows for sharp, exact reproductions every time.

But even before your order goes to press, you have ample opportunity to get it right. When you create, order, and print your Raffle Tickets online, you have final approval at every step of the operation.

  • Choose your design
  • Enter your details
  • Approve your proof
  • Select shipping

That’s all there is to it. You can pay your balance online, and your order will be shipped out in a few days, so you can start selling Raffle Tickets.

The simplicity lies in the ticket template and the instant proof. Each design comes complete with a simple ticket template: a layout into which you can type your information. Numbered, with suggestions for which information to enter into which box, these templates make it easy to mock up your Raffle Ticket. All you have to do is make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly.

And, with instant proofs, you can see immediately what your finished product will look like. Don’t approve? Just go back and start again. You don’t have to buy anything you don’t trust will be perfect!

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The Short Raffle

by ticketprinting on February 2, 2010

Short Raffles Help Raise Extra Funds

Your wants are few. Your organisation is not greedy. You just need a little cash, perhaps a hundred dollars, but you need that money, and you need it fast. You need to throw together a short raffle.

Consider where you can find the supporters to make this happen. Perhaps you need to make some quick repairs to the church: you need the congregation together. Perhaps you want to help a friend with medical expenses: you need to find sympathetic listeners. Think of a meat raffle: a crowded pub is an excellent place to sell a bunch of Raffle Tickets. With the short raffle, you have only an hour or so to sell everything, so you need to pick a time and a place to make that possible.

Next you need a prize. With a short raffle, you can get away with a single prize, although, of course, you may choose to have more. Whatever you choose, it should be interesting enough that people will bid on it even if they don’t care about your cause, but not so expensive that you put yourself into debt!

Now, get some Raffle Tickets. If you’ve planned in advance, you can create customised Raffle Tickets online, and you can have them printed and shipped in just a couple days. Be sure to describe both the prize to be won along with the cause to which the money will go. Calculate how many tickets you will need to sell to reach your goal. You may choose to add a few Posters to the order, so you can inform others of your prize draw’s time and place, or you can rely on word of mouth. If you’ve chosen a busy venue where people are comfortable spending money, you may not have to tell anyone.

Now, be bold. Make an announcement: who you are, what cause you support, what item or service you are raffling off, and how much Raffle Tickets cost. Go about the room and approach people one by one. Ask them to help out. Reiterate how important your cause is. Keep going until you sell all the tickets. Then, draw the winner while all eyes are on you. Make a show of giving away the prize. Thank everyone for their help. Announce how much money you’ve made for your cause so everyone can feel good about their contribution. It’s that easy!

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Safe and Sound

by ticketprinting on August 25, 2009

Print Raffle Tickets to Increase Security

What are the features of a secure Raffle Ticket?

  • Unique design: High-resolution printing with lovely, relevant images is harder to counterfeit than boring, generic tickets.
  • Sequential numbering: Secure, individual numbering on the body of the Raffle Ticket as well as the ticket stub helps prevent fraud.
  • Detachable stubs: Micro-perforations allow your staff to cleanly tear off the stub so patrons retain a portion of the ticket.
  • Bar coding: Bar codes and magnetic strips offer an extra level of protection for you and your prize draw.

These features should be standard whenever you print your own Raffle Tickets. Combined, they help to reduce fraud and enable you to catch anyone who attempts to interfere with the integrity of your raffle. Ace security helps you, your backers, and your customers feel safer. Raffles are about taking a chance, but your safety isn’t worth taking any risks!

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Hello World!

by ticketprinting on August 15, 2009

Welcome to the Raffle Ticket Blog!

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a chance, and sometimes you’ve got to persuade others to take that chance on you! That’s what printing your own Raffle Tickets is all about. Each week, I’ll give you the insider’s scoop on the ins and outs of holding your own prize draw. I’m your fabulous ticket girl, at your service, with all the information you could ever ask for in regards to selecting, arranging, and printing Raffle Tickets for your organisation.

Printing Raffle Tickets customised with your business logo or group information costs less than you would imagine, and when you find the right design, you’ll get results! With a little work and a lot of lovely printing, the return on your investment can make a substantial difference in your finances. Whether you’re selling Raffle Tickets on their own or in conjunction with a big event, you’ll find everything you need to know here on the Raffle Ticket Blog!

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