You Have the Right to Host a Fabulous Raffle

by ticketprinting on May 7, 2013

The Copyright Agency Hosts Press Freedom Raffle in 2013

Whether you’re a journalist yourself or you simply support people’s right to the freedom of the press, protecting the right to report on events without being harassed or intimidated is of the utmost importance. Everyone who values the freedom of the press has an obligation to help defend those who do report, and thus, may face threats or danger.

The Copyright Agency is helping to support press freedom specifically in the Asia-Pacific region by hosting a unique raffle.

The Press Freedom 2013 raffle is not only for a great cause that affects people everywhere, it also gives you the chance to win some incredible prizes. We couldn’t think of a better reason to donate.

Where Does the Money Go?

Every dollar raised in the Press Freedom raffle will go to the Media Safety and Solidarity Fund. This important fund supports journalists and their families who are working in the Asia-Pacific region in the face of war, hardship, and other emergencies.

Supported by the donations of Australian journalists and others in the media industry, the fund was established in 2005, and is the result of a strong inter-regional collaboration.

Over the last few months, the Copyright Agency encouraged anyone who supports press freedom to help them by selling raffle tickets.

The prize-winners of the raffle will be announced at the 2013 Australian Press Freedom Media Dinner, which takes place at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney on 3 May.

The Right to Win

Three top-notch prizes will be awarded to three very lucky winners of the raffle.

  • Grand Prize: Enjoy an escape to paradise with two nights’ stay in a pool villa at the Orient-Express Jimbaran Puri Bali. And if that’s not enough for you, the prize also includes two nights in a villa at Ubud Hanging Gardens. Breakfast and return airfare included.
  •  2nd Prize: Become an amateur photographer or add to your gear with the Nikon V2, the latest addition to the Nikon 1 advanced series that includes interchangeable lenses. With superior optical technologies, the camera comes with a 10-30mm VR f3.5 – 5.6 lens.
  • 3rd Prize: Relax and kick back for a weekend at Sydney’s brand new heritage-listed 1888 hotel. Packages comes with breakfast and dinner voucher (estimated $250 value) for the renowned Bridge Room restaurant.

If the feeling of supporting a noble cause doesn’t get you, fabulous prizes like those listed above are more than enough reason to donate by buying a raffle ticket.

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How to Add a Bit of Adventure to Your Raffle

by ticketprinting on April 8, 2013

Bibbulmun Track Foundation’s 2013 Adventure Raffle

One of the longest and most unique walking trails in the world, the Bibbulmun Track covers almost 1000 km from its starting point in Kalamunda (a suburb near Perth) to the historical, south coast town of Albany. This incredible trail is for walking only, and it runs through the scenic heart of the south west portion of Western Australia.

The Bibbulmun Track leads you through some of the most beautiful national parks that the south west forests and coastlines have to offer. Walking on this trail, you’ll find tingle forests and towering karri, venture through mist-laden valleys and over gigantic granite boulders, and experience awe-inspiring costal heathlands.

A non-profit organisation, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation relies heavily on donations, fundraising, membership, and sponsorship to maintain the Track and its facilities.

One of their biggest fundraising initiatives of the year, the 2013 Adventure Raffle now has raffle tickets available for the chance to win a fabulous prize that’s packed with adventure.

The Best Way to Experience the Outdoors

Raffle ticket buyers will have the chance to win one of several prizes, like a World Expeditions Kakadu holiday for two, a $3,000 Mountain Designs Voucher, a Bibbulmun South Coast escape for two staying at the luxurious Cape Howe Cottages, and a $1,500 voucher from Sea to Summit for all your outdoor gear.

Only $5 each, raffle tickets are reasonably-priced and come in books of 5.

The Bibbulmun Foundation encourages their ticket buyers to buy as many books as they want and sell additional tickets to their friends and families.

With such great prizes available, and because it’s for such a good cause, it’s not hard to see why you might want to share the love with those closest to you.

How Help Future Generations

All the proceeds from the 2013 Adventure Raffle will go to helping ensure the Bibbulmun Track is maintained and available for future generations to use, so that they too can experience the bounteous wonder that nature trails like this have to offer.

Do you have a favourite national park, nature trail, or other outdoor area that’s in need of support? Consider having a raffle to raise funds and help keep Mother Nature beautiful for our children, and our children’s children.

If you run a charitable organisation all your own, try adding a little adventure to your next fundraising endeavor. Contact your local national parks to see if they would be willing to offer up an adventurous prize on your behalf.


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How Professional Fundraisers Promote Raffle Winners and Their Prizes

In 2001, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), the body that oversees the official rules and regulations for motorsport throughout the country, started the Australian Motor Sport Foundation (AMSF). The intent of the organisation is to assist young Australian drivers who are skilled and talented reach their individual motorsport goals and promote Australia’s name in the world of motorsport.

By providing financial help to support the career growth of young Australian drivers, AMSF works to develop and assist in the management of a number of young drivers.

One way they have achieved this, recently, is through a raffle to support Australian rally driver Molly Taylor in raising money for her 2012-2013 European and World Rally Championship program.

Prize Perfection

Affectionately dubbed the “Molly Raffle,” the fundraiser sold raffle tickets for the chance to win an extremely unique and exhilarating prize, especially to anyone who’s a fan of racing and motorsport.

The prize was multi-tiered, making it all the more fabulous for many sports car enthusiasts. For the ultimate European supercar and F1 (Formula 1) experience, the prize consisted of business class travel to Switzerland for one, including accommodation for 7 nights’ stay. That, in and of itself, is quite the win.

What’s more, as if the trip to Switzerland weren’t enough, the winner has also been given an incredible selection of ‘supercars’ to drive, such as a Porsche, Lamborghini or Aston Martin.

And finally, last but not least, the winner’s final destination will be the grand Monte Carlo, where they will have the pleasure of watching the Monaco F1 Grand Prix from the ultimate comfort of a plush yacht anchored in Monaco Harbour.

Thank ALL Your Supporters

After announcing the winner of the “Molly Raffle,” AMSF thanked everyone who entered and bought raffle tickets in support of this fundraising endeavor.

This is one great example of an organisation that came up with a phenomenal prize in order to help raise money for a cause they support. Clearly, the raffle was a success, and to keep the good press flowing, AMSF promoted the winner of their raffle as well as the amazing prize.

Take it from the professionals: don’t just promote your raffle and its prizes before the winner is chosen, get the word out about the lucky person who won and the fabulous prize they’ll receive.

Next time you promote a raffle, see if it isn’t just a little bit easier to sell those tickets now that people have heard about your incredible prizes and that prosperous raffle winner.


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Where Did I Go Wrong?

by ticketprinting on February 8, 2013

How to Promote Your Raffle for a Fabulous Success

Raffles have become the proverbial workhorse for the fundraising efforts of many a charitable and non-profit organisation. Fundraisers everywhere have caught on and are using raffles to raise money for causes that are tried and true, and above all, causes they believe in.

But when it comes time to promote your raffle and raise funds for the organisation you support, it’s good to know the difference between how to promote a successful raffle, and simply going through the advertising motions.

Promoting a raffle may be a bit challenging, but with a good plan and the right implementation, the rewards will be worth much more than the effort put forth.

How to Make Your Raffle More Successful

First things first. Know what kind of organisation your raffle will raise funds for, where the funds raised will be distributed, and why that group needs to raise funds in the first place. The answers to these questions can help you immensely when you start promoting your raffle and selling raffle tickets.

Once raffle ticket sales start up, you can give your ticket sellers useful tips they can leverage that will help promote ticket sales.

For example, if you work for an organisation that honors wounded or lost soldiers, telling potential ticket buyers that the money raised from ticket sales will go to soldiers’ families can make, or break, your sale.

The next important distinction to make involves the prizes, which are perhaps the most entertaining part of any raffle.

Well Lookie What We Have Here

Let’s look at an example of a website promoting a raffle. The prizes they offer are exceptionally grand. The way they promote them is, well, not so grand. One of the best things you can do to help promote your raffle is to promote the prizes. That doesn’t mean simply explaining what they are.

Promoting prizes should be interactive for the ticket buyer (or user, in this case). Anyone even remotely interested in buying a raffle ticket should be able to click around your site and look at pictures of the prizes, so they know exactly how great the prizes are.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s extremely important to make your raffle tickets easy to buy.

That means making them available online, in person, over the phone, or however else you can manage.

The more opportunity potential buyers have to purchase raffle tickets, the more tickets you’ll sell, and the more successful your raffle will become.



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Let Your Winners Shine

by ticketprinting on January 9, 2013

Why You Should Show off the Winners of Your Raffle

There are many things that people the world over can’t seem to agree on. But when it comes to winning a prize draw, almost everyone will agree that they want to win a prize. Though most raffles cannot award everyone who enters a prize, what they can do, is put the winners on a pedestal, and help share the fabulous feeling of winning with others.

There are many ways to share the results of your raffle with the general public. You can announce the winners live at an event, put it out over the radio or telly, send out letters, or put it up on a website.

The website option certainly seems the most modern. Not only can you put the winners of your raffle on a website and keep them there, you can also reach out to a younger and more tech-friendly crowd that lives and breathes everything online.

Get the Real Story

Another reason the website option is perhaps the most viable, is that you can leave a lasting impression. If you’re holding more than one raffle, or several raffles in succession, you can build a list of winners that people can look back on and view whenever they please.

A phenomenal way to inspire future donors and potential buyers to purchase raffle tickets from you is to showcase a personal story from each of your winners.

Western Australia’s Police and Community Youth Centre (PCYC) has done just that. Check out their raffle page and you can see a growing list of first person accounts of what it was like to win the big prize.

Keep It Personal

Mrs. Cotterell, the winner of PCYC’s raffle back in July, has the most recent story posted. Her description of her own reaction to the news that she won is downright delightful.

“…complete denial! In fact I told no one until the cheque had been picked out of my letterbox.”

It’s these kind of personal stories that can really help you build a name in the fundraising niche. Many charitable organisations will hold raffles to raise funds, but your organisation can be among the first to get the story from the winner and share it with the community, or even the world.

Do yourself a favor, and put the spotlight on your raffle winners. People love a good story, and it will help you promote your organisation and sell more raffle tickets in the future.

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The Local Guide to Legal Raffles in Australia

by ticketprinting on December 14, 2012

The Letter of the Law: Keeping Raffles and Prize Draws Legal

When it comes to hosting a raffle in Australia, one of the most difficult tasks is figuring out how to keep your raffle legal.

Every Australian state and territory has different rules on charity fundraising, and if you want your raffle, lottery, Calcutta or prize draw to be successful, you’ll want to review the specific rules in your area and follow them closely.

This will help ensure that you aren’t breaking any rules, but it will also help you be more successful in the future. Many not-for-profit organisations host raffles to fundraise for charitable purposes, and to help keep your organisation’s good name clean, it’s important to stay on the right side of the law.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of links to each Australian state and territory gaming or gambling authority which includes their specific rules on licensing and permits for legal raffles.

Not every raffle needs a permit or a licence, but many do.

If you’re unsure whether your fundraising raffle requires such paperwork, review the information from the websites listed below, or contact your local authority who makes the rules.

Local Australian Gaming and Gambling Authorities

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

Once you’ve figured out how to keep your raffle on the right side of the law, the smartest next step to take is to find high quality, low cost raffle tickets. It’s a good idea to find a raffle ticket printer who can have your tickets printed fast, and provide you with the quality you’re looking for.

Help promote your charitable organisation with your raffle tickets, and put your company’s logo right on the tickets. Every person who buys a ticket will know exactly where their money is going, and in this day and age, that can be a big part of the urge to donate.

Keep your charity on the up and up by raffling off the right prize. Everyone will want to know what’s on with your organisation when they have the chance to win a fabulous prize.

Above all, keep your raffle legal, keep it fun, and keep it smart. Good luck fundraisers!


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How Holding a Raffle Can Help Raise Money for Animal Rescue

When it comes to holding raffles and raising money for a cause you believe in, it happens too often that we forget all about the animals.

While people in need are an obvious first priority, once people have donated to help those who are less fortunate, what happens to other needy creatures, like beloved cats and dogs?

There are a high amount of pets out there in dire need of help and rescue. Shelters can often be so overrun with unwanted, neglected, or lost pets that they may have to euthanize these lovable creatures because they simply don’t have the space or the funds to help them.

Giving a Dog a Bone

If you have a favourite breed of dog, the chances are very good that you can find a way to help that breed by donating to a local rescue effort. And there are fun ways to help support your favourite breed, other than simple, straightforward donations.

Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. has recently held a Quilt Raffle in order to help raise much needed funds for the care and support of golden retrievers.

The Rescue reports over 150 new golden retrievers that have come in over the last year, all in need of attention and care.

To prepare for this season’s influx of “Goldies,” the Rescue sold Raffle Tickets at a reasonable price and made it relatively easy to purchase them, encouraging donations to the cause.

Prized Possessions

The prize for winning the Rescue’s raffle was a beautiful, detailed, patchwork quilt, hand-made by a fellow supporter of the rescue effort.

What made the prize so special was the array of golden retrievers pictured on the quilt, along with unique bone-shaped designs that were used to sew the fabric together.

Animal Rescue 101

The lesson here is simple: you don’t need a fancy prize to raise donations for a tried and true cause. You only need to appeal to others who also care for the same things that are important to the organisation.

In this case, that’s the rescue of golden retrievers.

By having the Goldie patchwork quilt made just for Goldie-lovers, and selling Raffle Tickets for a chance to win the prize, the rescue effort was able to raise funds to help their favourite furry friends.



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Double Duty: Tickets That Work Twice as Hard

by ticketprinting on October 3, 2012

Combine Raffle Tickets with Event Tickets for Higher Ticket Sales

It’s the time of year where the holiday season is slowly creeping up on us, but most people are far from ready for it yet. People everywhere are looking forward to Halloween parties and events this month to fit in a few spooky distractions before the season kicks into high gear.

The good news is, if you’re hosting a Halloween event, and you’re looking to raise money for a good cause, you may have just hit the jackpot.

Host a raffle with your Halloween Event, and combine your Raffle Tickets with your Event Tickets to encourage as many people as possible to attend your event.

The Perfect Combination

What’s so special about doubling up your Raffle Tickets with your Event Tickets? Why even host a raffle with your event in the first place?

These are important questions. Raffles have become a charitable organisation’s best friend in the last few years. Non-profits are among the few types of organisations that are allowed to host raffles and raise money for a charitable cause.

Because only charitable and non-profit organisations are allowed to host raffles for the most part, these types of businesses are capitalising on this unique fundraising technique.

But don’t forget the fact that people will be planning ahead and thinking about the upcoming holiday season, so they may not be ready to ante up in the form of multiple ticket purchases.

Attract more guests to your event by selling Raffle Tickets that double as Event Tickets. Anyone who purchases a ticket will automatically be entered into the raffle, a great perk to encourage people of all sorts to attend your event.

Ramp up Your Event with a Raffle

Hosting a Halloween event can become costly. Between decorations, drinks, appetizers or even meals, costs can really add up. Not only that, but if you’re trying to fundraise by selling Event Tickets, you may end up having to charge more in order to hit your donations goal.

By hosting a raffle, you can sell each Event Ticket as a Raffle Ticket, and thus sell your guests a chance to win a great prize.

Gaining an entry into a raffle simply by purchasing a ticket to an event is a considerable deal, and will likely attract all kinds of guests that would have otherwise passed on just a plain old Event Ticket.



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The Score on Raffle Tickets

by ticketprinting on September 12, 2012

Why The Grand Final is a Great Opportunity to Sell Raffle Tickets

Arguably the most popular of all of Australia’s sporting events, the annual AFL Grand Final has the highest attendance, widest broadcast audience, and most interest overall of any Australian sports event. Millions of people across the country will gather around the telly to watch their favorite teams compete and cheer them on to victory.

For those of us who also have other things on our minds during “footy fever,” late September poses a unique opportunity. With so many people out and about celebrating, why not use this time to your advantage?

Time is on Your Side

With millions of people gathering to watch who will win the Premiership Cup and Flag, this is the perfect time to hold a raffle and raise money for your cause. Not only can you reach a wide audience of sports fans, you will also be able to hit people at a time when they’re in a jolly good mood.

Assuming you don’t walk up to someone the moment their team has lost (this may require paying attention to the way the Final is going yourself) people will be much more willing to pony up a bit of dough for your cause when they are watching their favorite team compete at its best.

It just makes sense. People who are gathered together and having a great time are much more likely to buy, well ANYTHING. And if you’re looking for a way to raise funds for your important charitable cause, what better way to do it?

Keep the Sports Theme

If you’re looking to raise funds for your charitable organisation and you’re thinking of selling raffle tickets around the AFL Grand Final, you don’t have to lose the sports theme just because your organisation isn’t sports-related.

Choosing the right raffle ticket for your raffle might may all the difference. It’s like choosing a slogan for your campaign or a brand name for your product. Make sure you make the right choice for your cause, your organisation, and your taste.

If someone spots you selling football or sports-themed raffle tickets when they are watching the Grand Final, chances are they will be interested in at least hearing about your charitable cause, and that interest may likely lead to a raffle ticket purchase.

It’s all in the tickets. For easy printing, find an online template that suits your taste. And if you can’t find one fabulous enough for your organisation, you can Design Your Own! It’s that simple.




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Top 10 Tips for a Fabulous Raffle

by ticketprinting on August 9, 2012

How to Host a Successful Raffle

What’s the secret to a hosting a successful raffle? Well, it’s no secret anymore! Here, we have the top ten best ways that we know of to host a great raffle, and raise money by selling raffle tickets.

  1. Print your own raffle tickets. Pick out a ticket template, add your specialised event information, and approve the proof online before you order. It’s as simple as that.
  2. Go hi-tech. Provide all your potential donors with plenty of convenient ways to get their hands on raffle tickets. Build up a website that allows raffle ticket buyers to make their purchases online. You should also have an option for people to purchase tickets over the phone, or by mail. Basically, however they like! Make it easiest on your donors.
  3. Promote your cause. Nothing is more powerful than the urge to donate to a heart-warming or emotionally moving cause. Transform the power of your marketing by promoting your cause and asking patrons to help you in your charitable pursuit. Make it fun to donate to your charity by selling raffle tickets.
  4. Brand your image. Go ahead and upload your company logo right onto your raffle ticket, so everyone will know who they’re supporting.
  5. Be original, and be unique. People like variety and diversity, so don’t copy your raffle ticket design off of someone else’s. Use your imagination!
  6. Make an event out of the occasion. Don’t just plan a raffle, dress it up a bit and build up the anticipation, and soon enough your guests will have a whole night of fun ahead of them.
  7. Offer great prizes. One of the best ways to entice people into buying a raffle ticket is to offer a coveted prize that they, and everyone else around them, really want to win.
  8. Advertise your raffle. Put it in print, blog it online, scream it from the rooftops if you have to! The point is, you’ve got to promote your raffle if you want people to know about it.
  9. Publicize important dates. Potential donors are interested in raffle tickets, they just aren’t sure how long they have to buy them or when the winners will be drawn. Make sure deadlines and other important dates are printed on every ticket!
  10. Extras like detachable stubs and booklet stapling are a good idea, and help keep the raffle tickets organised before and after your event.


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